Work from Home

More people are working from home. Most do some work from home and the majority from an office, but the trend is heading towards a mobile and home-based work force. Other than the obvious benefits of lower office costs and improved employee morale, there’s another component that should be discussed: expanding the talent pool.

In jobs that require less face time and more online collaboration, expanding the borders that often constrain the talent pools of businesses allows them to find the right people regardless of geography. Particularly in internet marketing and social media roles, having an employee work from home often takes away from the distractions of the office that can hamper both creativity and productivity. It’s not for everyone; some people require either constant oversight or an environment separate from the home so they can get in “work mode”. However, those who master working from home can be extremely productive.

This infographic and the accompanying blog post about Remote Collaboration from Wrike tell us a lot of what a mobile workforce can do. Click to see the whole story.

Remote Collaboration

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Written by Rocco Penn
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