Needle in a Haystack

Yelling out your life story in the middle of a crowd is a sure fire way to catch some looks. It’s not a very common sight to behold, but this type of scenario is exactly what most Internet users attempt to accomplish on their social media outlets of choice.  Essentially, your tweets and Facebook posts are an extension of your own voice in a digital landscape. So what makes some people stand out better than others? Why is it that some people seem to have an electronic voice that just seems to have more authority than others?

The answer lies in content.


Show people what you got

Content is the life-blood of the Internet. The social media sites are the nerves that control the flow of this “Internet blood.” Even if you use every social media site in existence today, your presence will not mean anything without something to offer. According to an infographic by VisualEconomics, 42 percent of Internet activity is based on viewing content. This statistic alone gives those who wish to grow their online presence the mission of generating novel content to distinguish themselves from others.

What kind of content matters, though? Well, for one, the content that matters most on today’s web is that which is shareable. Often times, the stuff that people want to see is that which they can increase their own reputation by passing it along to their friends and family. According to The Web Citizen, the five most effective types of content on the web today include:

  • Photos – give direct visual representations of your message.
  • Videos – are an engaging way to showcase products and in general, people tend to simply enjoy viewing videos over other types of content.
  • Voting Poles – People love to voice their opinion and see what others think as well. It also give the polling party invaluable information on consumer preferences.
  • Contests – Let’s face it, we all want to be number one. Contests are a great incentive become a loyal consumer of your product/service.
  • Exclusive Content – This is content that subscribers have exclusive access too. Everyone wants to feel important, and offering exclusive content is a great way to make your followers feel special.

Generating compelling content on the Internet is easy. At the core, everyone has unique aspects of their own personality that are appealing to receptive audiences. It’s finding that audience that often becomes the conundrum in today’s online world. The Internet is young and still forming, just like the universe after the theoretical “big bang.” As easy as it is to find whatever you want, it’s also very hard to find exceedingly novel content unless you know specifically where to find it.


Ok, where is this going?

This brings about a tricky situation. It can be frustrating when readers and content generators can’t find ways to reach each other. This is where optimization of search keywords (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Blogging helps to increase traffic to a website when it includes links which are embedded into certain key words. Any content which includes these keywords becomes an opportunity to associate that content with another reputable source. The more reputable the source is that a site is paired with, the more reputable that site becomes in turn. Press releases help companies appear familiar with current events and associate them with causes or organizations they support. With adequate content, an optimized site can reach top spots in search engine results. Companies and individuals alike have increasingly turned to online marketing companies to ensure that their content is found in preliminary searches of their keywords.

Aside from a little confidence in the non-digital world as well, the right marketing and social media strategy makes a world of difference when it comes to your online presence. It is important not to overlook where you are linking to and who is linking to you in return. When used correctly, these tools and techniques essentially give you a microphone and podium to recite your message, rather than leaving you yelling over the crowd.

Written by Guest Post