NBC News Twitter

There are hacktivists in this world. These are the people who use their skills to spread information that can expose wrongs in the world. They make statements by taking down websites of companies that do wrong. They shed light where there is often darkness. They do harm, but they can often justify the “casualties” for the sake of a greater good.

We don’t agree with every hacktivist, nor do we believe that all of their activities are pure in motive. Still, there is good that can be done with such nefarious skills.

The morons who hacked the NBC News Twitter account and scared many of the 131k followers as well as any who retweeted the #groundzeroattacked tweets – you deserve punishment. In today’s tech world where security is not up to snuff to compete against scripts and hackers, it’s challenging to bring these people to justice.

I would call on those with similar skills to find whoever these people are and expose them. This wasn’t simply a casual prank. This demonstrated the worst kind of poor taste out there on the internet. Punishing them will take forces most people and even law enforcement have no access to. It will take other hackers.

Whoever is out there with such skills, please find these morons and punish them.


Written by Rocco Penn
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