Ted Cruz Discernment

Forget a brokered convention. It would do as much if not more harm to the Republican party and the country as nominating Donald Trump. Forget a third-party run. Whatever Mitt Romney is thinking, it’s wrong. Lastly, forget voting for John Kasich or Marco Rubio. Their chances are approaching absolute zero. The only thing that can prevent Donald Trump from getting the GOP nomination and handing the country over to Hillary Clinton is if discerning Republicans coalesce around Ted Cruz.

There’s an important qualifier in that last statement: discerning Republicans. What is the difference between a discerning Republican and a regular Republican? It’s an important distinction, albeit arbitrary, that stems from understanding what has happened this election cycle. A discerning Republican is one who:

  • takes the time to understand the issues and explore the candidates’ solutions
  • compares what candidates say to their history, political record, and proposals
  • votes with their conscience based upon a desire to fix what President Obama and Congress have tried to destroy, not out of a misplaced desire to burn the whole thing down
  • looks at the primaries realistically and doesn’t waste their vote on a candidate that simply cannot win

This pretty much eliminates all Donald Trump supporters. I’m not trying to insult them, but I find it hard to believe that more than a small percentage of his supporters have looked at their candidate through a lens of discernment and still come to the conclusion that he’s what’s best for the country. On an emotional level, he can be very appealing. He’s rich and successful, bold and different, therefore his supporters can admire him and even idolize him as the manifestation of their anger and weakness. Even when his policy proposals are embarrassingly bad and worthy of one of his famous midday flip-flops, his supporters are protected by a shroud of blissful ignorance. They are locked in, Kool Aid cup in the left hand and hand raised loud and proud in a pledge of support to their chosen savior.

For the rest of us, we have to decide. Is it worth fighting the very clear fact that Ted Cruz is the only candidate that can beat him? Some will inevitably do so based upon a heartfelt desire to support their candidate or an unwillingness to support Cruz for whatever reason. It’s my hope that these passionate supporters of Kasich and Rubio will be discerning and realize that a vote for their candidate is a vote for Trump. There’s no other way of looking at it. The writing is on the wall.

Kasich and Rubio are fighting for their lives to win their home states… at least that’s the narrative. The reality is that Kasich is fighting for a VP spot (despite his protestations against the notion) and Rubio is fighting for a brokered convention that would destroy any possible hope of stopping Clinton in November. If you’re one of those who believes that either of these scenarios is worth having Trump as the nominee, then so be it. There’s nothing I can say to dissuade you from promoting that disastrous path. However, if you’re one who realizes how bad a Trump nomination would be for the party and the country, then please refer back to the list above and start looking into what Ted Cruz represents and how he will fight for Americans.

The Republican party has reached a point of futility that must be reconciled immediately. Voting for Ted Cruz is the only path that will end the Trump menace and keep Clinton from the White House. It’s time for Republicans to be discerning.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.