To Any Discerning Christian, this Trump Quote Says Volumes About His ‘Faith’

Donald Trump Thinks He's a Great Christian

Whether or not Donald Trump is a repentant born-again Christian is between him and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I won’t even attempt to judge him since it’s not my place. However, when deciding who to vote for in the coming election, it’s important to take faith into account. We’ve seen what happens when we keep faith out of the White House as we have for the last seven years.

Personally, I read the Bible daily. I pray regularly. I write about faith and attempt to answer questions of people who are interested in learning about Christianity. I know with certainty that I am not a “great Christian.” I am a sinner who doesn’t deserve the Salvation that is granted through Grace. Any discerning Christian knows that nobody is a “great Christian.” None of us are good, let alone great. Trump has demonstrated a fundamental lack of understanding about the faith he claims to hold.

There are Christians who choose to vote without applying faith into their decision and that’s perfectly fine, albeit not advisable considering how the country has fallen through seven years of a President who does not possess a Biblical worldview. However, it’s ridiculous for any evangelical to say that they are voting for Trump based upon his alleged faith and his ability to defend out religious rights.

I attempted to listen to the speech so I could find the exact point that he makes the statement about being a great Christian, but I couldn’t sit through it. I’ll leave it at the bottom so anyone who wants to check for the quote can listen, though I don’t recommend it. If you can trust ABC News, they quoted him saying it as well.

I’ll also leave a couple of other videos that I do recommend watching simply because they will do a better job at pointing out the fallacies of Trump’s alleged faith.

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  1. P H

    I wish Dr.Carson was doing better! I wish Sheriff Clarke was running. WE have a serious issue! Trump is a liberal. Cruz sold us out to IRAN. The rest are getting no publicity! I want a vet! I want MORALS! I want a man our kids will admire with a wife of great dignity! We’ve gotten EVERYTHING BUT THOSE QUALITIES running.