Tip’d 2.0: Now THAT’s What Social Media Needs

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  1. Mike

    just checked this out… it’s interesting, personally, for the ability to track all those items on my (limited) portfolio. nice work tip’d

  2. While I applaud their willingness to grow and improve, isn’t Tip’d taking a chance by continuing to stay within such a niche market?

    Yes, people will always be interested in stocks and shares and financial news, but if it’s always bad, that could keep people away.

    And from a social network point of view, that’s the most important factor.

  3. JD Rucker

    @Mike – at least you have a portfolio.

    @Danny – that was my first thoughts, but now I’m more hopeful. Niche social media isn’t that much different from broad social media in that if all you are attracting are social media users, you won’t make money as a site (regardless of whether you’re niche like tip’d or broad like digg).

    The part that is encouraging is that they may be able to bridge the gap into the other 98% of the active Internet users who do not use social media normally. Attracting the small but potent financial segment of the world can definitely help them turn a profit where other social media sites have failed.

  4. Good point JD – here’s hoping they pull it off, it would be good to start seeing more uses of social media in ways that attract the “normal” users.