Three Ways Podcasting Can Help Your SEO and Social Campaign


The social media marketing industry is always looking for the biggest and best way to promote themselves, their clients or impact the social media scene. While social and SEO is geared towards good content, there are certain rules that need to be addressed prior to launching your content; am I being to spammy? Why am I not ranking? My post was clever, why are people not linking or sharing?

So how can I use the podcast to promote my social campaign or implement SEO? The Podcast is an interesting method to promote your quality content because it is audio. While listeners can’t read your words as they hear them, they can read your words as you write them. Here are three things that sold be considered when producing your podcast in order to promote your SEO/social media campaign:

1. Test…Test… Can you hear my SEO?

    If you want listeners to care about what you say, say something worth their time. No one wants their time wasted which is why most turn to podcasts. Listening is easier than reading. Make sure to release quality content when you speak. Quality content that is heard can also be available to be read. Take advantage of keyword use in your podcast. Like a subconscious audio sleep tape, you can engrain the words social media marketing into your listeners’ brain stem.

    2. Sharing is Caring

      A podcast is easily shareable on sites like Sound Cloud iTunes. Providing links to your podcast will encourage listeners to share your content. SEO is about link building and social is about networking a community. Putting your podcast in communities that will share your content will promote your SEO and social flawlessly.

      3. Bring the News not the Funk

        Your listeners want the best in news and information online. Repeating the news though is not enough though. Adding in an opinion and even a solution into your podcast can help promote your SEO and social media. When listeners can trust that you are bringing them quality information, you can trust that your listeners will share your content.

        6 thoughts on “Three Ways Podcasting Can Help Your SEO and Social Campaign”

        1. Mike says:

          Thanks for writing this post, Jim. I cannot agree more with you when you said that no one wants their time wasted, which is why most turn to podcasts. Listening is truly is much easier than reading. This is why we should all make use of them, because they can improve our SEO as well as social campaigns.

        2. Darren McLaughlin says:

          I thought people forgot all about podcasting. It was all the rage a few years back but people jumped on the video wagon. I guess podcasts can still be very useful. Thanks for the post!

        3. Mary-Lynn says:

          As a podcaster I greatly appreciate your post on this. I can attest, podcasting has helped us with SEO and more.

        4. Web Marketing says:

          Web Marketing is considered to be broad in scope[citation needed] because it not only refers to marketing on the Internet, but also includes marketing done via e-mail and wireless media.

        5. Visit This Link says:

          Rather revealing….look forward to coming back again.

        6. Kenneth Noisette says:

          Very vital info. Podcast can help seo because Google likes blogs and video…… alot

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