Buying a Car

When you think about buying a car, you most likely surf the internet looking for automobile sites, or dealership homepages to get an idea on a certain vehicle and gather some information. One thing most of us would never think to do is use social media when we are car-shopping.

If you haven’t thought of this then do not worry, I have helped you out and listed three easy ways social media can be utilized when car buying.

  • Engagement – When you are looking at an automotive website as you inquire about a vehicle, you usually have many questions and usually sit there thinking them to yourself. When using social media, you can find a Facebook or Twitter page of the closest car dealer to you, and engage in conversation with the dealership. For example, Millennium Hyundai’s Facebook and Twitter pages are open to questions from anyone with an inquiry, and they will respond to you. Also, when you are thinking of purchasing a specific type of car, you can see reviews and comments on that vehicle when using social media.
  • Up-To-Date Information – The difference between a social media site and a regular car website is the information on a social media site is usually more current. Most companies or dealerships will post information and status updates regularly. The up-to-date information includes sales promotions, information on cars, recent news, and updated photos of cars and even staff member bios. Most social media pages have links to blogs and press releases as well that contain recent news. The news is always flowing and always current on a social media page, when other car websites are sometimes out of date.
  • Photos and Videos – Social media pages offer the ability to post lots of pictures and videos for customers to look at and review, and really get a good idea about the vehicle they are looking to purchase. Most dealership social media pages will post pictures of their inventory and videos that take you on a mini tour of the car you may be looking at. This type of media can be really useful to a prospective car-buyer. It sure does beat a few pictures and a ton of reading that you usually endure when searching on traditional car websites.
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