If you really take a look at what Facebook and the United States have become in the past few years, similarities start to become evident. From leadership and policy down to users and the future, parallels can be seen without much of a stretch.

Please forgive the amateur nature of the graphic – not my skill set.

Not even close.

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  1. d

    This was clearly created with an agenda at heart. very far reaching and biased.

  2. the above statements can tell you how the face book over took the social media not only in USA but all over the world. there are some serious concerns about face book security standards. some times it may badly expose the persons private information

  3. Jim

    I can see where you are going with this, but it was definitely done with a clear bias. Yes, we can all agree that Facebook has climbed it’s way to the top and has stepped on a lot of people while doing so, but we can’t discredit how it has revolutionized how we live our lives (personal preference if it is for the better) but we can’t just say Facebook is bad and mean because they are successful.
    Yes there are flaws, there are issues, and there is jealousy and hatred (sometimes) but the irony is you can hate it but you probably need it to survive. I mean even the Winklevoss twins are now on FB. Even more ironic is people shared this seemingly negative biased article about facebook on facebook via the facebook button at the top of the article.

  4. Shana

    I agree with the others here. This does seem a little bias, although I understand what they’re saying. I don’t necessarily agree with how Facebook was started and some of the things that go one in this world, but it would be wrong to say it’s bad and evil.

  5. Angela

    The connection between the United States and Facebook is quite interesting. I’ve never viewed it the way it’s viewed in this picture. I agree on some of these especially the privacy issues. The privacy of a person during airport security was seen as an invasion of privacy and I believe Facebook now blasts every action that’s being done. Great concept.

  6. Facebook become a large and wide “union”. Make it close with the other and erase the humanity connection. i don’t know what the wright words, bu, as i know, facebook could make some revolution, change, and many thing new thing.

    We could interact with each other and there a fortress called with privacy. The power of facebook belong to photos and chat. We can communicate each other, but not in real word. So, welcome to facebook nation