In this video, you will see many stats, some you may have seen before, some you may see again, and some may even be new to you. Regardless, Social Media is growing and it is growing in the numbers, the numbers of social networks, the numbers of reach and the numbers of people whom part-take on them.

Social Media is not limited, it is limitless and already seen that it has moved onto our websites, blogs, televisions, radios and other mediums we intermingle with. This Industry is not a moment, it is a movement and the true ROI to Social Media is that your business will still be valid in five years.

video via Socialnomics

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  1. Elizabeth

    You’ve got to be adaptable. Take a long view, but also market to the people who are listening to you right now. I like this approach: Very convenient!

  2. Thanks for sharing this post! Indeed, Social media is not a fad…