The Story of Ted Cruz

There are two choices right now for the GOP nominee for President. Donald Trump is clearly making moves that will endear him to a good portion of the Republican party. He makes the media angry. He makes Democrats angry. He’s a rebel with a cause, and that cause is America.

On the other side, you have Ted Cruz. It’s hard to believe based upon the press coverage that the two have extremely similar views. The media treats Trump like a god in some cases while denouncing his humanity in other cases. Cruz stands up for many of the same principles like border security, national security, and empowering businesses to succeed.

The real difference between the two is in the message. Trump’s is a message of “believe me, I’ll do it.” Cruz has a message of “together, we can do it.” It’s subtle, but it’s clearly there as a difference. This is one of the many reasons that I support Cruz for President.

If you have 11 minutes, watch this video and get a real feel for Cruz. If you don’t have 11 minutes, make the time. It’s worth it.

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