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Before going into why it needs fixed (FTFY=”Fixed That For You”), it’s important to note that Buddy Media, the company that produced this graphic, is definitely my favorite of the enterprise level social solutions. If I ran a corporate social media presence rather than a social media agency, I would be all over Buddy Media as my social partner.

With that said, this graphic is a scare tactic. It’s intended to demonstrate that, as Business Insider put it, social media is “insane” and “ludicrously complicated”. For 99%+ of the business world who needs social media, the vast majority of services on the list are completely unnecessary and in many cases irrelevant.

For example, most businesses do not need to keep up with what’s going on at Disney’s Club Penguin. Anyone outside of Hollywood can avoid Miso. Marketing on RenRen is tough even if you can read the language:


For the businesses outside of the 1%, the social media marketing world gets a whole lot less complicated. There are plenty of tools out there, but Seesmic or Hootsuite work just fine and have the functionality and analytics that most everyone needs. For brand monitoring, Trackur is good for small businesses and Radian6 is good for larger businesses. is the only URL shortener you need to know.

Watch your Klout score and build a presence (for missions, not for social scoring) on Empire Avenue.

Blog on WordPress if you have time and want it to look amazing. Blog on Tumblr if you don’t have time and want it to look good.

Instagram is mobile photo-sharing whether the Facebook deal goes through or not (and it will). If you don’t like Instragram, Twitpic works just fine.

There are tons of website plugins available, but Gigya and Badgeville do whatever you could possibly want.

Here’s the complete, trimmed-down version of the graphic. It’s just not as complicated as those of us in social media would have you believe.

Social Spectrum

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Written by JD Rucker
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