The Social Revolution of Facebook [Infographic]

Facebook Angle

Facebook has reached over a billion active users and as our social history continues to unfold, each of our activities gathers quite a bit of intelligent information once it is formulated into grouped statistics. Wouldn’t you be surprised to find out that though many complain about their privacy being infringed upon by Facebook that only 5% of Facebook users have set their privacy settings to be completely private? Don’t you want to know what our most popular activities are? Or that though it seems like every time we turn around we are poking someone back but that 63% of Facebook users have never used the “poking” feature?

Those of us who use Facebook have deep rooted emotions about it, whether we love the social site or hate it; we are most certainly on it and use it various times throughout our day. In the following infographic learn more about our time spent on Facebook and statistics that may surprise you.

Facebook by You

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