The Social Networks Email Marketers Include Within their Emails

There are many Social Networking sites you could add within e-mails to boost your social visibility, but there are only three that E-mail Marketers use that have proven successful.

Find out which social sites E-mail Marketers are using along with other helpful information in the infographic below.

This infographic from comes to us via Philadelphia Nissan and explores “Email Marketing And Social Media Go Hand In Hand”. Click to enlarge.

Email Marketing And Social Media Go Hand In Hand

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  1. We currently include links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts in any email but find that direct links to our website get a far better click through rate.

  2. We have links to our social media accounts in every email newsletter that we send out. Is it better to embed a pseudo feed (because you can’t place a real feed) in newsletters or just retain the icons and links?

  3. Email marketing, really, is the KING these days. It’s the most cost-effective way to directly communicate with your existing and potential customers. Yes, there can be tools, but it’s still better if you do it manually. Another thing, keep the emails customer-friendly.

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