The Social Media Timesink

Social Media Addictions

So true. So very true.

This comic made by Sean R Nicholson brings up a great point. Is “social media productivity” real? Are some of us spending too much time on social media and not enough time in the real world?

Before you say, “duh”, think about it for a quick second. With most time-draining activities like gaming, television, or even just surfing the internet, there is no illusion that our time is not getting drained. We know while we’re blasting people on Battlefield 3 that this is not benefiting our lives (or the lives of anyone else) other than that it’s enjoyable. Social media, however, may create an illusion of “productivity” that simply isn’t deserved.

After thinking about it, I’m going to go play outside. To prove it, I’ll post pictures through Instagram of the glorious occasions.

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  1. Hi JD, agree with the picture. I am a internet marketing consultant, I focus on building conversation rather than blast content (post to blog, tweet, update facebook). Social media is about human relationship and communication. If we need to be very effective, having conversation with other people on social media is definitely worth more than blasting content.