While I don’t necessarily agree with the titling, it will be an honor to be on a panel with MrBabyMan and MSaleem at the 2010 ROFLCon. From April 30 through May 1, we’ll be touring the hallowed halls of MIT and rubbing elbows with some of the brightest content creators, meme creators, and memes themselves in this second annual event.

From the site:

“Another two days and two nights of the most epic internet culture conference ever assembled. Informed commentators suggest that this may be the most important gathering of humanity since the fall of the tower of Babel. And yes, we’re still looking to get Goatse.”

Our panel will not be the standard “How to become a Digg poweruser” babble that often hits these. Instead, we’ve been asked to go deep into the inner-workings pointing to the “history of the backroom culture of power users, politics/machinations with site management, and the future of Digg (and social news) generally.”

For more information, check out the page they created on ROFLCon for our panel. Again, I had nothing to do with the title.

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Written by JD Rucker
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