Disinhibition is the loss of inhibition, as through the influence of external stimuli such as drugs or alcohol, or as a result of brain damage. Chances are if you’ve ever consumed alcohol, you’ve experience disinhibition and the infamous “beer goggles”. Even low doses of alcohol can turn the shyest of people into sociable creatures, with increased self-confidence and sexual desires.

It has been a long known fact that symmetry has been tied to attraction. A symmetrical face is seen as a sign of good genes and good health. Studies have shown that drunk people find it more difficult to tell if a face is symmetrical, which answers a lot of questions about why you wake up with a woman or man that you normally wouldn’t. Be mindful that it takes as little as a pint and a half of beer to obtain these so-called “beer goggles”.

The more you drink, the more that little voice inside your head speaking words of reason disappears. The BAC, Blood Alcohol Content, scale can determine just how drunk you are. Starting off, .01-.06 BAC can produce relaxation, lowered inhibition, lowered alertness, and cause you to be joyous. But with every amount of consumed alcohol it can cause you to be impaired, in this case, it’s just coordination.

However, while drinking can be fun, turn you you into an extrovert or be happy, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol will raise your BAC percentage and will impair your judgements. With more alcohol comes more negatives such as impaired reflexes, staggering, slurred speech, vision, severe loss of motor control, or even blackouts. So, it is important to be weary of your alcohol consumption.

Check out this infographic presented by freedating.co.uk to learn more about the science behind beer goggles.

Infographic: The Science of Beer Goggles
The Science of Beer Goggles by Free Dating.co.uk

Written by Brian Wallace
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