The Pinterest Effect

Pinterest Hair

I’ve noticed something in my thinking after spending some time on Pinterest the last few months. It’s subtle, but “The Pinterest Effect” is starting to get to me.

Dude on Pinterest

6 thoughts on “The Pinterest Effect”

  1. Chedie says:

    Ahahaha! I agree with the image! I think Pinterest has done well in promoting “cork-boards” as a subconscious basis of what we do, live, want and need in life. It is a representation of us. Thus, the reason Pinterest has done well.

  2. Aaron Eden says:

    Being a dude on Pinterest sucks — that’s hilarious; made my day!

  3. Alex R. says:

    So true! Almost every pin on Pinterest is targeted towards a female. There are so pins that I found to be interesting though…but definitely a female-friendly site!

  4. Mary says:

    Thanks for the laugh Aaron…. it is geared toward women. I love pinterest.
    You can still let your hair grow long! 😉

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