The One-Two Punch: Print and Social Media Marketing

One-Two Punch

In today’s world, there is a huge focus on social media and Internet marketing.  While the Internet has definitely made it possible for businesses to connect in new ways with clients and customers worldwide, the Internet has not totally replaced traditional print marketing, nor should it.

Social media marketing should not be a stand-alone tool, but instead you should have multiple different marketing channels that are available to you and that you work to seamlessly integrate.  Print marketing and social media marketing, for example, can go hand-in-hand in order to reach the most customers and potential customers.


How Print Marketing and Social Media Marketing Can Complement Each Other

Print marketing and social media marketing can integrate in many important ways as long as you have a clear marketing approach that you take across all of your different marketing channels.

Some of the different ways that print marketing can complement your social media marketing include the following:

  • Allow participation in contests in social media that can result in real-world prizes that someone can enjoy. For example, you could run a contest so that everyone who follows you on Twitter or who re-tweets something you post is entered to win a great promotional item from your company.  Promotional products are great advertising because when people use a product with your brand on it, this spreads the word about your brand and company to others. A social media contest to win a promotional product gives you lots of bang for your marketing buck because you generate buzz when people enter (and talk about entering) the contest AND you get the benefit of giving someone a promotional product that can be used. You can purchase such prizes from a company like Quality logo Products out of Aurora.
  • Include hashtags and an easy newsletter signup on all print media that you distribute.  Whenever you send out a direct mail marketing piece, provide a print brochure or otherwise give someone print materials about your company, you should be sure to include hashtags that can invite people to visit your social media channels and talk about the product. You can also include all of your information on websites as well as social media channels and user names (like your Twitter handle) so that people who see your print material can quickly and easily find you online.  Those who receive your print material can then visit you on social media as well.  Be sure to make your social media names representative of your company and simple and easy to remember in order to encourage more people to visit your sites.
  • Build a database of potential customers through both print and social media. When someone obtains print material from you, ask for that person’s email address to be added to your online mailing list using a service like Mail Chimp.  When you get someone’s email address, you can then contact them over the Internet and invite them to follow you on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites.  Likewise, if you are running a contest for those who follow you on social media, consider asking for a physical address (to be kept private, of course, not publicly shared on Facebook or otherwise on social media).  When you get the physical address of a customer or potential customer, this makes it possible for you to send print material.
  • QR CodesUse QR Codes.  QR codes can integrate online and local ads by making it easy for people to access your digital information. A QR code included on print material can allow people to connect with you digitally in a very simple and easy way. For more information on generating and using QR codes, click here.
  • Include social media mentions on print material. If you send out marketing material or newsletters in print, you can include things that people have said on social media about your company. These statements act as a reference, and those receiving the print material may become curious and sign onto social media to learn more about what people are saying about your company.

These are just a few of the key ways that you can integrate print marketing and social media marketing. There are many different approaches to take and the right choice is going to depend upon your specific business model. However, you should not assume that since social media marketing seems to be the wave of the future that it is the only kind of marketing you should do.

A comprehensive marketing plan should include social media marketing, email marketing, a great company website, and print materials. You will have multiple ways to connect to clients and customers, won’t have to worry as much about losing trust because of a change in email address or because of a move, and you can offer content and information that people appreciate in multiple formats. This just makes good business sense.

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  1. Devon

    I’m still amazed that QR codes are recommended for print material. To my knowledge, they are only ever scanned to make sure they are working. Have any information on some great QR code campaigns?

  2. Sunday

    Its really hard – at least for now – for the Internet to completely do away with traditional print marketing. However, I agree that both print and social media marketing can complement each other for better results. Companies wanting to get the most from these two should comply with the tips shared here – for starters.

    I have left this comment in where this post was found and syndicated for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

  3. Gina Testa

    This article gives great insight as to how to integrate print and social media to create the best, most effective form of marketing. As the focus on social media grows with the emergence of new platforms, print is also raising the bar to co-exist in this modernized marketing environment. In an act as simple as including hashtags on print materials to draw readers to social channels, companies are actively cementing brand power and recognition. Also, QR codes are a popular way of getting people to hold onto print materials rather than consider them ‘junk mail‘ —special offers, deals, and coupons that can be digitally scanned are really enticing to consumers and a great example of print organically adapting to the market changes where the emphasis is often placed on digital. – Gina Testa, Vice President, Xerox Worldwide Graphic Communications Business

  4. Carmen O

    Mixing social media with print is a great idea and the suggestions you have provided, Jason, are all very practical for online marketers to consider. They can add a lot of value if implemented synergistically with other campaigns as well. I recently came across a great article covering some common common mistakes marketers make when using the two together and thought it would be worth sharing with those that also found this article helpful. I have to admit, I’m guilty of at least one of these mistakes myself!

    In that article,

  5. Sarah

    Nice post! You bring up some great points about integrating print and social media, I can see the hashtagging being a big hit with the younger customers but probably not the older consumers. I’d want to check my demographic before I started hashtagging everything. Thanks!