The One Thing GoDaddy can do to Avoid the Coming Mass-Exodus


Early signs of the mass exodus from GoDaddy are already starting to show up and the unofficial Leave GoDaddy Day is still later this week. First, they supported SOPA, the evil bill that would weaken the internet as we know it today. Then, due to a mass uprising by prominent GoDaddy users and attacks coming from prominent social media sites like Reddit, they dropped their support of SOPA and did what they could on Twitter to get the word out.

Everything’s better now, right?


In an interview on Techcrunch, GoDaddy CEO Warren Adelman was wishy-washy about the stance that GoDaddy really had about SOPA, prompting many to point out that “GoDaddy’s SOPA flip-flop is a PR stunt to try to stop losing money“. The carnage continues today and will only get worse on December 29th.

It may be too late already. If there was one thing that GoDaddy could do to save them from further domain casualties, it would have to look something like this:

“GoDaddy unequivocally opposes SOPA, PIPA, and any attempts by the government to promote censorship of the internet. We have heard our customers and the voices of the majority on the internet and we now understand the errors of our ways. We will use our resources and our connections in Washington to do whatever it takes to stop the relentless attacks on the rights, privacy, and security of the internet community and the websites that support an open and safe web.”

If GoDaddy makes a statement that is powerful, clear, and that leaves no room for doubt of their stance, it will be a good start. From there, they will need to become a poster child of internet freedom by truly using their resources and political clout to stop the tyranny that the government is attempting to throw over the internet like a Drakonian blanket of Big Brotherhood.

Anything short of this and the company will be harmed tremendously over the coming days.

Why GoDaddy?

Some people are starting to ask why GoDaddy is getting the brunt of the attacks when there are hundreds of companies supporting the bills. When we want to lash out at a company, we know that the best way to do it is to hit them in the pocketbook. So many people (this blog included) have registered through GoDaddy over the years and when the prominent website owners like the Cheeseburger Network and Wikipedia started pulling their support, others followed in the same manner.

The coming days will show more companies getting attacked. GoDaddy was the “low hanging fruit” in the internet’s loosely unified attack on SOPA. We had to make an example of someone and GoDaddy won that honor.

Who’s next? We’ll be watching Twitter and Reddit to find out who the next major example will be.

It’s Not All Bad for GoDaddy

A complete turnaround through denouncement of SOPA can go a long ways towards helping them rebound. Their current attempts at damage control such as calling (former) clients to let them know that they stopped supporting the bill and the more nefarious techniques they are allegedly doing such as returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap will not be enough.

IF they make a statement like the one above and IF they go on the offensive against SOPA, they have an opportunity to go from hated enemy to hero. It won’t be easy, but it’s possible.

On a brighter note, this controversy has given them a boost in Klout.

GoDaddy Klout

If they lose domains at the rate they are now, punctuated by the mass exodus on December 29th, Klout may be all they have left to hang their hat on (and we all know how useless influence scores really are).

Do the right thing, GoDaddy. It’s your only hope.

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  1. Everything’s better now, right?

  2. lakawak

    freedom of speech has NEVER allowed you to break laws, dumb fucks.

    You are not going to hurt GoDaddy but most of the people in the country are NOT on the side of whining little pathetic nobodies who still live in their mommy’s basements. That includes people on reddit, and people with shitty, unprofitable blogs like soshable.

    Tell me something, would you feel if I scraped your site every half hour, and posted everything you posted word for word, and then spammed sites and took away all your business, despite not having any original work myself? Then you would be losing even more money on your shitty site than you are now. You would probably be upset, wouldn’t you?

    I guess it is easy to be against intellectual property laws when you KNOW you will never contribute anything that society would want to steal.

  3. paec

    lakawak: And what have you exactly contributed?
    You know when people link content and other sites copy this is just an SEO technique to get ahead on google right?

    I doubt you even ‘contribute’ anything yourself.

  4. nodaddy

    Godaddy hasn’t really ever done the right thing from the start, so why would they start now?

  5. Dorand

    Funny this angry poster talks about people in their mom’s basement and is angry people have opinions while he angrily shares his opinion from his subterranean lair.

  6. mm

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  7. From the article: “From there, they will need to become a poster child of internet freedom”… You’re kidding, right? Don’t count on it.

    This is the same company that, for years, locked available domains you searched for from their website until you paid them a ransom to register.

    The same company that has established as many blocks as possible to transfer domains away from them under the guise of ‘protecting the consumer’.

    The only thing Go Daddy cares about is 1) acquiring customers then 2) forcing those customers to stay. It’s a wonder that anyone still uses Go Daddy, but they do. This latest scandal will quickly wash away just like all the previous ones.

  8. As Andre pointed out, what do you expect? I smelled the rat that is GoDaddy from the get go, with their stupid superbowl ads… you have to stoop to that to sell your service? Plus, doesn’t their CEO going on elephant hunting expeditions? I am sure he really “cares”. Slimebags imo.

  9. Some people have something basically wrong with them inside to support this kind of thing.
    This lakawak person is just projecting. HE is the one in his mommy’s basement. She calls him to dinner for his favorite sandwiches with the crust cut off and Ravioli (mini).

    Seriously, I don’t understand how anyone could support censoring sites simply because movie companies don’t like them, and that’s exactly what it is. China does that to it’s citizens, uhm that’s Communist China where they have Forced Abortions.

    We do not do that kind of garbage here in the states or UK(?).

    I yelled at my congressman’s assistant last month when I called to ask his stance on this. She hung up on me.

  10. Violet

    Go Daddy is a horrible company to work with. I am a site designer and developer. I work with other hosting companies and of them all Go Daddy is by far the most difficult to deal with. Frankly, they really don’t care once they get their hooks into you. They are really a domain reseller and that is where the majority of their money seems to come from, hosting be damned. I just had a client leave Go Daddy today in frustration. I always advise my clients to leave Go Daddy just so I don’t have to deal with them or their support team.

  11. godaddy is going to die

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