Democrats Fear Ted Cruz Nomination

Conventional wisdom tells us that Ted Cruz represents a far-right ideology that the Democrats would want to take on head-to-head. That’s what many pundits believe and even many political strategists for Republicans, but the Democrats know better. As much as it pains me to admit it, they’re better than Republicans at analyzing candidates and finding their weaknesses, as has been seen by masterful campaigns that elected and re-elected Barack Obama.

Just like a good football coach looks at the opponent to find the best matchups, so too do the Democratic strategists. This is why we’re seeing such a strong backlash against Ted Cruz and an embracing of Donald Trump and Marco Rubio. They know Rubio and Trump have Achilles’ Heels that Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders could exploit in the general election. Cruz’s weaknesses are only present in the primaries. In the general election, he matches up very well, especially against Clinton.

Trump represents a slam dunk for the Democrats. He’s the only candidate with a history more corrupt than Clinton’s. He’s also the only candidate with more enemies to march out before the press if he gets the nomination. For the media’s part, they’re chomping at the bit at the opportunity of attacking him in the general election. There is no shortage of interviews they can do with former business partners, mistresses, people he’s screwed over, and minorities he’s offended.

Rubio has a different problem. For as little as Clinton has accomplished in her career, Rubio has accomplished even less. His claim to fame is that he’s handsome, likable, and a good speaker. In the Senate, he’s accomplished nothing. Throughout his career in Florida, he built a reputation on speeches rather than actions. His constituents and the local publications that supported him have called for him to step down.

In Trump and Rubio, the Democrats see candidates that effectively eliminate one of the two major areas of attack that the Republicans can use against Clinton. It’s very similar to when Mitt Romney was marched out to try to defeat President Obama in 2012. The Democrats, the media, and the Republican Establishment manipulated the voters into believing that he was the most electable, but in reality he declawed himself against Obama’s most vulnerable point: Obamacare. How do you keep the Republicans from being able to righteously attack Obamacare? By nominating the architect of Romneycare. The same will happen on Trump who is more unlikable than Clinton and Rubio who is less accomplished.

Ted Cruz has more accomplishments in his time as Solicitor General  than everything in Rubio’s (or Clinton’s) entire political career. His “drawback” is that he shut down the government, but the Democrats realize that standing alone fighting Obamacare will be painted as a positive considering how disastrous it’s been, not to mention that the Republicans actually won the Senate immediately following the “damaging” shutdown, as the Republican Establishment tried to paint it at the time. Just as they said that he ruined their chances of winning the Senate then, they’re now saying that a Cruz nomination will hurt them in the Senate in 2016. We’ll cover that in the future, but for now we must realize that Cruz’s credentials far exceed Clinton’s despite three decades in politics.

Then, there’s the integrity issue. Cruz is Clinton’s Kryptonite when it comes to values. Her history of lies and corruption are starkly contrasted by Cruz’s adherence to principles and consistency. He’s the anti-Clinton and the Democrats realize how this will play for the electorate if he’s nominated. The one reason they fear a Ted Cruz nomination is because they have discerned that he would be the toughest candidate for a unaccomplished corrupt Hillary Clinton to defeat. It’s all about matchups.

The narrative you’ll hear from the mainstream media is that Cruz is hard to elect. They said the same thing about Reagan in 1980. They weren’t stupid then and they’re not stupid now. They’re trying to manipulate Republicans so they won’t see the truth. They want Rubio or Trump so that the Democrats have the best chance of retaining the White House.

Here’s a video detailing why Rubio will have troubles in the general election. No video is needed to detail Trump’s challenges. Either you see it very clearly or you don’t.

Written by JD Rucker
JD Rucker is Editor of this site as well as The New Americana, a Conservative News Aggregator. He is a Christian, a husband, a father, and co-founder of the Federalist Party. Find him on Twitter or Facebook.