New MySpace Justin Timberlake

The newly re-designed MySpace has been in beta for some time now, which only allowed those who requested access, permission to use it. That is until now. MySpace has gone public, Timberlake Style. It is fully open to everyone, allowing users to sign-up using Twitter, Facebook, or an Email sign-in and granting all of us access to start experimenting with its new features.

Justin Timberlake is definitely not a silent owner of the newly re-launched social network. After arriving on the MySpace website, you will be greeted with an image of Timberlake wearing a suit and tie, which gives this social site some much needed style.

It also looks like Timberlake matched opening MySpace up to the public perfectly with the release of his new single, after six years, “Suit and Tie”. This long awaited track, featuring Jay Z, can be heard for free, that is, after you sign up or into the new MySpace.

For those who have remained loyal to this social networking site, it is important to note that currently you are still able to choose the option of using the original site layout of MySpace. This may change in the future for it may eventually be required that you use the newer version of MySpace, but at least the option is available to those who want it for now.

The new MySpace has definitely not followed in the footsteps of many other social networks, like Twitter or Facebook, due to it being a more focused or niche type of social site. It’s directed towards connecting artists with other artists, such as, musicians, entertainers, and photographers.

With that said, the sites redesign seems to be heavily focused around music, which to some degree is no surprise, since the owner is in the music industry. Users will notice that there is an audio player pinned at the bottom of the site that offers the ability to play their “mixes” a.k.a. playlists, the radio, and messages. Users are also easily able to discover what is trending on the site, as well as find, people, videos, and of course, music. The site looks more organized and clean, which ultimately makes it more user friendly.

Timberlake may have done this on purpose or not, but connecting the “Suit and Tie” song to the social network that is about connecting people with what “suits” their interests and artistic needs, is brilliant. Timberlake may not have brought “Sexy Back” to the new MySpace, but he has definitely brought style.

Written by Guest Post