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Contrary to popular belief the most important stat on Facebook pages is not the amount of likes, it’s not the “Talking About Us”, nor is it the engagement that occurs on Facebook. The Facebook “Like Button Craze” died off with the new changes that Facebook made by taking away the landing pages. With the landing pages eliminated more brand pages seem to focus on engagement or better known as the “Talking About This Number.” As valuable as these numbers both are, they are not the most important number on Facebook. The most important number is actually the number of loyal fans which is a number not yet tracked by Facebook.

According to a study from Napkin Labs, they point out “only 6% of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook Page via likes, comments, polls and other means.” Napkin Labs analyzed the engagement from 52 Facebook brand pages, with each brand page having between 200,000 and 1,000,000 fans. Although we at TerraCycle are not in the 100,000 fans range yet, we do however poses some engagement rates that are pretty impressive. Before we look into the numbers of our engagement lets take a closer look at the engagement formulas that Facebook has in place. The “People that talk about us” number measures likes, comments, and shares, but fails to measure clicks.

If your post contains a link and 200 people click that link your engagement number will stay the same even though the real proof of success for that post is really the amount of people that clicked it. Another problem is that we have all been brainwashed to focus on the number of fans but really the number of “fans reached” is more important because that lets you know if your message is effective. With all that said we at TerraCycle have been fortunate to have an average weekly reach of 40,000 fans, an average of 20 shares per post, and a 2.9% virality rate (the median rate on facebook is 1.92 according to ZDNet). These rates are good but to be honest these numbers still do not compare to the most important number.

The most important number is actually “Superfans” a term that is spreading among the social media sphere. Superfans are generally those who post frequently, share frequently, and answer questions on behalf of the brand. At TerraCycle we are fortunate to have an army of Superfans that are passionate about what we do and engage in a way that proves it. It is stated that the engagement of one Superfan is equal to the engagement of 75 fans.  Superfans will become more and more vital to Facebook pages due to the drop in engagement rates from changes in the EdgeRank Algorithm (which determines how many people see your post on their newsfeeds).

According to Adweek engagement on average posts have dropped by 50%. (This could be a whole another article J) Bottom line is that every brand needs “Superfans” and unfortunately you cannot choose who is going to be a superfan, it solely relies on the fans and their passion. The great thing is that you can start acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of those that make a home on your page. Who knows maybe they will become Superfans? Also take the time to acknowledge any existing Superfans with prizes, gifts, or small tokens of your appreciation.

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