The Lack of Engagement on Your Facebook is Probably Not Your Fault

Mike Gundy

It’s mine. Those of us who are out here in the blogosphere preaching about how to use Facebook properly for your business – we’re the ones to blame for your Facebook page’s failures. Don’t pick on your marketing manager. Don’t pick on the nephew who’s running your search marketing. Don’t blame Facebook or Google or the media. You can blame the government if you’d like – I’m okay with that.

The problem we have is that we haven’t tried hard enough to get the real word out there. All too often I read absolute garbage telling people to do this, pay for that, buy this product, order that service, and yet I don’t have the gumption to make the appropriate stand against it all. There is some really good material available out on the blogosphere that can truly help business owners and marketing pros make the right decisions and get their Facebook engagement up. Unfortunately, it’s the high-volume publications that are often giving the wrong information.

This mini-rant stems from an email I just received. A young college graduate wanted advice on how to find a new job, as she just got fired. She read up on social media, played around with it, studied it, and then failed with the first job just got out of college. The reason – she didn’t get good engagement on her company’s Facebook page. She found the “correct” information here (after losing her job) and decided that my authors knew what they were doing and might be able to help her or at least point her in the right direction. “I wish I’d found you guys earlier instead of relying on [redacted] and [redacted] to show me how to run social media properly.”

It reminded me of an outburst by OSU head football coach Mike Gundy around 5 years ago:

Sorry that there’s not much substance to this post, but I wanted to let you all know that I will be putting more effort into getting our posts more exposure. Prior to today, I thought that this little “hobby” blog was just that, a hobby. Now, I realize it’s a responsibility. More content. I get it now.

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  1. You may not think there wasn’t much substance here, but I’d like to differ with you on that opinion. I think this post is very substantive.

    There is a large amount of misinformation out there in terms of Internet strategies, whether for individuals or for companies. It would be bad enough if this simply made the ‘Net a bit more messy than it has to be. Unfortunately, as you just pointed out with this post, there are very real consequences being felt. This young college student isn’t the first person to know be worried about paying for her next meal because of this, and sadly she won’t be the last either.

    As you say, those with the right information need to do better about getting that information out there in a very public way. We need to talk, not just as individuals, but as communities, in a very visible way, so that we can create a more positive experience for everyone engaged in Internet Marketing. It’s true for Social Media, it’s true for SEO, it’s true for website designers, and it’s even true for the consumers of sites engaged in any of these aspects of the ‘Net. Perhaps it’s even especially true for the consumers, as in the end, we are there to create a better experience for those consumers.

    Perhaps you didn’t make any outright suggestions or highlight any particular strategies in this post, but I think the clarion call you are putting forth for, and for the rest of us involved in this industry, is very substantive.

    Thank you.

  2. JD Rucker

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply, James. I’ve always felt that social media moves too fast for “gurus”. Those in the field, the ones who are actually managing accounts, running strategies, and doing what they can to keep on top of what’s working and what’s not are the ones who can actually have valid input.

  3. Sorry what was the point of this article?

  4. Not very business is suitable for marketing on Facebook. If you are a local plumber for example Facebook will not likely be your best bet. What was the last time you logged to a Facebook looking for a plumber, carpenter, realtor? If your Facebook page is lacking engagement, it may be the wrong type of business to promote on a Facebook and the business owner should look at alternative options (SEO, PPC, etc.).