The Idea that Donald Trump Uses Jedi Mind Tricks is Ludicrous and Absolutely True

Donald Trump Jedi Mind Tricks

Donald Trump is a psychological genius without peer. That may not be the first thing that comes to mind when listing his strengths and weaknesses, but as it turns out it’s absolutely true. I had a hard time believing it until I watched a video and started reviewing his speeches, interviews, and debates.

Many of us who actually care enough about the country to research the validity of campaign promises and policy proposals have had a hard time reconciling how Trump’s destructive notions of policy mush could be swaying so many people. Now, it makes more sense. People make decision based upon emotion rather than cognitive reasoning. Even if it’s clear that his policy proposals would completely destroy the country as they did with Trump Air, Trump Mortgage, Trump University, the USFL, and everything else he’s touched outside of real estate and entertainment, our brains are programmed to buy into his psychological tricks. He makes us want to believe him emotionally even if logic tells us that he’s the worst possible President imaginable.

After fighting the notion for months, I finally think it’s likely that Trump will win the nomination. It’s unfortunate that we’re so easily swayed by salesmanship and psychology, but in a society that craves drive-thru policies and ridiculous gimmicks, perhaps he’s the loser we deserve. That doesn’t mean I won’t keep fighting for a true leader to beat him.

Here’s the video from the experts at Charisma on Command. Watch it, then apply what you learn the next time you watch him speak. It’s uncanny how masterful he is at his Jedi mind tricks.

Update: Here’s another video by the same people. More information.

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  1. John Allcott

    Good points throughout, but I think the two main reasons for Trump’s popularity are our moral & educational decline as a country.
    In the good old days, everyone knew pride was bad, even repulsive. (Not to mention Trump’s many other faults)
    In the good old days, folks actually used their brains more than they do today.