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Obviously everyone knows Pinterest blew up. But why? What other sites are leveraging the Pinterest phenomenon? What can online marketers and entrepreneurs learn from Pinterest?

In my humble opinion the next major trend on the web is curating content. Sites like Pinterest,, Digg, and Reddit all show us the immense power of curating content. With so much content on the web humans need some type of filter. For example, is a perfect example of how curating acts like a filter. Chill basically filters YouTube for me. I just go to Chill to scope out funny or educational videos. It is exactly like Pinterest but just for video. I have found some amazing content using Chill and I think the company is here to stay! (Shot out to my homie Andrew Skotzko one of the Chill dudes 🙂

I believe online marketers and entrepreneurs need to understand content curation. Today everyone and their mom is blogging and producing YouTube videos. The problem is all this content is extremely overwhelming and most gets lost in the noise. Solution – the smart marketer and entrepreneur. You, yes you, become the thought leader by curating content in your vertical. You could do this by developing a robust YouTube video collection. This collection provides immense value to your users because the videos are awesome. You spent weeks collecting and reviewing all these videos.

Ok here is another option. Create a simple resource page for your website. Go out and collect 100 pieces of educational content. Obviously the content must be high quality and relevant to your site visitors. Now on one page just provide links to the content. This is not rocket science just it can be extremely helpful to your visitors if they are looking for additional resources.

Ok so those were the actionable tips. Now let’s discuss what content curation looks like in the future. Here are a few predictions:

  • There will be Pinterest’s for all types of verticals. A Pinterest for Infographics or workout videos.
  • Entrepreneurs will curate and combine different types of content. Videos, blog posts, pictures, infographics, books etc.
  • Niche content creation will explode. By curating an entire niche on some level you can own the niche.
  • The next wave of IPO’s will be content curators.

Content curation is the future. You need to implement a content curation strategy for your business or your clients. My company Business Pirate is passionate about curating content for startups. Please check it out!

This guest post was written by Matt Smith aka @MattASmitty. Matt is the Captain of Business Pirate. Business Pirate offers videos for startups dudes.

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