The Five C’s To Social Media

We all are in need of tips to try and begin utilizing Social Media to its fullest potential and although it is ever growing and changing, certain things remain the same.

CHere are your five C’s to Social Media, that can be applied to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and any other Social Networking site that you use for personal or professional gain.

  1. Connect– Your first pursuit with any Social Networking site is to find people to connect with. Friend and Fan those you are already aware of that use Social Media and then branch out. Don’t just randomly add people or friend those back because they have added you. Instead, check out their page and see what things you may have in common. This will cause you to have a more positive and long-lasting relationship with people, instead of numbers.
  2. Communicate– After connecting, you need to reach out and communicate. Don’t wait for people to talk to you. Instead strike up a conversation, whether it is in 140 characters or more. This shouldn’t be too difficult since now; you have made connections with people who interest you in some way. Just remember to ask open ended questions and to keep the 5 W’s close at hand. People tend to respond better when statuses begin with What, Where, Who, When, Why and even sometimes How.
  3. Consistent– Now that you have made some friends and you are now chatting with one another, it is time to remain consistent. You need to keep in touch and it’s not just on occasion, you need to continue connecting and communicating. People will now expect it from you and will move on quickly if you don’t. If you don’t ask questions or respond, people will lose interest. Step up your game by promoting, sharing photos or videos, giving tips and lists or something as simple as leaving comments.
  4. Constructive– Think before you type. Being online will not shun you from criticism or negative feedback, and whether it has to do with business or pleasure, you need to respond in a constructive manner. Yes, you will have your share of trolls (People who leave negative comments just for the sake of it) and those who are perhaps genuinely upset. This could be due to what was said or perhaps something in which your business did or did not do. Regardless of the reasons, you must take them seriously and not personally. Respond in a professional manner and always follow through. Just because it was a negative feedback doesn’t mean that the outcome has to be as well. Since Social Networks are public, you can always redeem yourself in your response.
  5. Care– This is one of the most important things you will need to do while utilizing Social Media, it is sometimes the one that is forgotten.. Care about what you do, promote, say and who you are in contact with. This doesn’t mean that you have to like everyone, just care that they like you. When using Social Media, your content must be of importance to you, your presentation must matter and even the smallest details should come upon your care radar. Don’t think people aren’t watching, they are, someone always is, and that someone should always be in the fore front of your mind.

Whether you are new to Social Media or have just lost your way, give these five C’s to Social Media a try and watch the sixth C of Social Media grow, which is Community. These basic, yet important facts will be the life saver to you expanding your brand as a person or a business. Remember them the next time you use your Social Networking sites and be sure to share this with your Social Media friends.

Erin RyanErin Ryan is a Social Media Devotee, who is very active on various Social Networking sites. By day, Erin is a freelance image designer for various online stores and is currently a Social Media intern. You can contact her via Twitter

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  1. I will try my best to get better results

  2. Erin Ryan

    Hey There Mark!

    All you can do is try and keep trying, people will notice. Just be yourself and have fun while socializing. Try out these 5 C’s and let me know if they helped you, but never give up. Social Media is not a science, there is no way to make it work, only to make it work for you. I wish you luck friend 🙂