The Failure of 9 Social Media Sites


There’s something about infographics that make claims based on perspectives and opinions rather than facts. This infographic from MyLife does just that and tries to list the top 10 failed social media sites.

To say that Google+ has failed is both premature and unlikely. It hasn’t failed. It’s not failing. It won’t fail. Otherwise, the list is pretty good. Still, we’re marking this particular top 10 list as a top 9 lists.

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  1. I find it interesting that you consider Google+ such a failed network when you consider it is now second only to Facebook above Youtube, Twitter and the rest according to: – or is this an exercise in raising the hackles of those that enjoy such a network?

  2. Again, failed or not failed, it depends on how we use it. What if I can generate more leads from Digg or Delicious that other social networking sites? Does that consider failed.

  3. Gav Hudson

    I take issue with a few of these.
    1. Google+ hasn’t failed, it’s still growing and the integration with the Authorship tags on search, combined with business listings for places means it has its uses. If it has a failure, it’s due to the privacy settings, part of the joy of Facebook is seeing things that people *haven’t* explicitly shared with you, and that there’s little assymetric following – if you want to see what someone is up to, you have to let them ‘friend’ you too. That’s why so many people signed up, and continue to do so (eg to see what their old school friends are up to)
    2. Orkut was until very recently absolutely huge in India and Brazil, still one of the busiest websites in both of those countries.
    3. Digg’s main issue was an absolutely cocked up a major redesign (v4). It was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and users left in droves and went to Reddit. A good article about it here –

  4. I am not sure about a few of these… How the hell is Google + failed, in my opinion it is still in its infancy and the platform itself is better than Facebook’s and I read the other day that it is the second in the rank of social networks #HowIsThatAFail?

  5. This list is slightly dubious.
    Many of the site cited as failed get more traffic than many
    G+ many not be thriving, but it’s growing

    Buzz / Wave were fails, but G+ is a serious contender and one that’s hard to ignore.

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