The 3 Everlasting Social Media Principles for Small Business Owners

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Social media has flooded the world of marketing, overtaking traditional concepts and transforming them into formats unheard of.  Conventional theories of outbound marketing have suddenly plunged in a return on investment, as ventures in new forms of inbound marketing skyrocket for business owners.  However, with such a new structure in a world unknown, small business owners are finding themselves hopping aboard a train with no destination.

For those new to the world of social media, here are three key takeaways you must learn to incorporate in your marketing plans to succeed in the social media dominated generation.


1. Listen, listen, and listen some more

Let’s clear one thing up.  Marketers… are desperate.  Well, at least in the consumers’ minds.  Consumers are faced with thousands of advertisements a day coming from their TVs, computers, radios, and more. Human psychology has evolved to drown these messages out and come to expect more out of companies.  This is where marketing has changed, instead of creating a great ad, marketers are now faced with the challenge of creating a great relationship.

Social media is the ideal place for this, with thousands of social tools sweeping the market, companies can easily track conversations about products, events, issues, etc. and jump in to join the conversation.  That’s the key to social media… join the conversation, create a relationship, and create a customer.


2. The new normal… isn’t normal

Whatever book you are reading about the best social media tactics won’t work so put the book down. Seriously, put it down. Unless you are reading about everlasting principles in the social media world, thousands have read whatever applicable tactics you think will score you new customers.

Those ‘secrets of the social media world’ suddenly become mainstream, and your innovative marketing tactics quickly fall flat. So, put the book down, and start thinking of some foundational principles to apply to your marketing agenda.  Then, think outside the box while continuing to apply these principles.  Stray from the norm and wreak the benefits. Whatever is uniquely your idea is better than the rest, so put your mind to the test. Then test your idea. If it doesn’t work, test again, and again, and again until you found your edge.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.


3. Cut the business mumbo-jumbo… it sucks

Yes, I said it. It sucks.  Social media hasn’t just evolved the way we advertise, it has evolved the way we communicate with one another.  Suddenly people are communicating in 140 characters or less, abbreviating nearly every word, and using emoticons to express emotions.  The evolution of communication is in a new generation, and to have others understand you it is pertinent that you speak in a language that’s not only comprehensible to the target audience, but relatable as well.

So whether you are a small business owner or simply beginning a new social media adventure, these principles will stay alive for as long as social media sticks around.  Listen to your audience, continuously think outside the box, and write conversationally to your audience.  Only then will you begin to see your audience evolve into a highly engaged community.


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  1. Benjamin – Great article! Your three takeaways here are dead on. Your position on not reading social media books/articles is interesting. I still find them to be useful; however, I read them with the understanding that these “tips” are not the golden ticket — every business is different and what works for one may not work for another. The books tend to spur ideas for different approaches to social.
    -Leah Van Rooy

  2. Great article! I like your list, I agree with the comment above though, I still read social media articles and find them very interesting and helpful, you just have to find the right ones. I have incorporated many tips from other sources into my social campaigns and found them to be very successful. I love number five, we all have short attention spans when it comes to social media and hardly anyone reads a whole post longer than 4 lines on Facebook. Thanks for the article!

  3. Hey Leah and Makenzie,

    Thanks for the comments they are truly appreciated! Leah and Makenzie I agree with you completely, books can come to be useful as long as you have a critical eye and try to expand your limits by creating a similar, yet different, approach. I’ve seen all too many times where someone reads a book, declares themselves a ‘social media guru’ and follows the book word for word expecting results. Doesn’t work. I like to stick to blogs (Soshable!!) where information is being constantly updated and doesn’t have to go through a process of publishing in a field that changes daily. Even then the ideas should be tailored to appeal to your audience. Thanks again for the comments, I will connect with the both of you on Twitter! 🙂

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