Thanks for the suggestion, but…

no but thanks

A friend sent this to me. While I appreciate the recommendation and I know that many (including Google, apparently) believe that Mashable is THE social media blog, we would like to say for the record that we’re alive and well and definitely not Mashable.

But thanks for the suggestion.


David Lux

David is the Content Manager at TK Carsites and spends copious hours devouring content concerning autos, SEO, and social media. You can follow him on Twitter: @autocontent

5 thoughts on “Thanks for the suggestion, but…

  1. I suppose in a strange way there are times when it might help you as well. Some people might find you here thinking you are Mashable and happily stay around?

  2. @Niall – If we’re going to rub shoulders, at least it’s with a high-quality pub like Mash.

  3. Woah, this is something. How do you explain this? Is is because google thinks there is a mistake in the querry or because of the age of the domain name of Mashable? I don’t know if there are more factors 9or only one) that could explain this.

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