Texas Poll Shows Ousting Trump at the Convention Might Be a Good Idea

Donald Trump Coup

My initial assessment of the calls by many prominent #FreeTheDelegates supporters to oust Donald Trump at the GOP convention may have been mistaken. I’ve been saying that it would be a mistake because the party is rallying behind Trump. I had assumed that the majority, which is comprised of the same go-along-to-get-along folks that gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney, would fall in line with Trump regardless of how bombastic or liberal he became. A new poll shows that there may be much more passion against Trump than I realized.

When one thinks Republican, they think Texas. This election will likely mark four decades since the state has voted for a Democrat. With Trump’s position on immigration, Texas should be one of the first states to go all-in for him as the nominee. Instead, only 36.8% want him. That’s great compared to 29.7% wanting Hillary Clinton and 2.6% wanting Gary Johnson, but the scary part for Trump is that 31.0% are unsure or want “someone else.”

To put that into perspective, Mitt Romney was at 57% in 2012.

Establishment tool Karl Rove may have had an explanation back in 2013 when he said that 40% of the Latino vote in Texas goes to Republicans. That’s not going to happen with Trump regardless of how many times he says, “The Mexicans love me.”

On the other hand, it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Since many are saying that Trump should be ousted, others are jumping on that bandwagon rather than accept the liberal policies of Trump. Another explanation could be the voting motivation. In the poll, the most important issue for undecided voters was “honest and integrity” at 34.0% following by “the economy and jobs” at 24.6%. With choices like Trump and Clinton, it’s easy to see why undecided voters are so skeptical.

My preference would be for Trump to implode and a universally accepted coup (or an outright withdraw by Trump) takes place within the current rules. In such a situation, Ted Cruz would be the nominee. My second option until seeing the recent trends and this poll was for a third-party conservative to run with a very specific 7-state plan to victory. As things continue to get worse for Trump and nearly half of Republicans would vote for someone other than him, I’m more comfortable with a coup. A third-party conservative would need to emerge in the next week to be viable.

The fourth option, if the Republican party cannot be saved, is to start a new party. I’m not looking forward to those prospects because it would mean that either Trump or Hillary Clinton are occupying the White House for the next four years, but if that’s what it has to be, we’re ready.

At the end of the day, it’s still Trump’s race to lose. All he has to do is not mess up and he should sale through the convention relatively unscathed with a reluctantly united party behind him.  Unfortunately, the likely outcome of that scenario is a Clinton Presidency.

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  1. Beckwith

    So, you advocate that it is permissible for a tiny minority of bitter politicians and their supporters to nullify the results of 57 separate elections?

    Doesn’t sound like the American way to me. More like something old Joe Stalin would do.

  2. RJ

    Real good idea if you want Hillary our next President!

  3. Shrugged

    “A new poll shows that there may be much more passion against Trump than I realized.”

    JD – the negatives in Trump polls have been discussed from the earliest stage of his primary campaign – but always buried by most media sources. Mark Levine was the earliest to discuss this and repeatedly pointed it out as each new state rolled through its caucus. It was doubted from the beginning of his campaign he would never have a majority of support and that his high negatives were the real arbiter of his position in the race.


    If the Republican party does not confirm Donald Trump as the nominee I will disassociate from the Republican party forever (and I worked as a young Republican in CA on the 1980 Reagan campaign).

  5. Edward

    The Republican Party is done for many reasons outside of Trump, but Trump will be the final nail. I’ve watched the Republican Party hand us unelectable candidates for several political cycles and none of them have been conservative or stood up for conservatism but a very few.

    Then comes Trump claiming he’s not a politician, he’s different and he’s going to shake up the system. I find this rediculous because Trump has ridden our political system to get to where he is, he is part and parcel of the problems we face. Trump has bought and sold politicians, bills and votes for decades, both GOP and Democrat. Never did Trump once back a conservative or any conservative issues, he paid out donations to McConnell while the Tea Party fought to unseat him. This is a problem, but his supporters will not face it.

    As a matter of fact his supporters refuse to see anything that might diminish their personal vision of Trump. Not a single campaign promise remains standing, only days after others dropped from the race, Trump said everything he ran on were only “suggestions.” He has played both sides of every single issue and even changed his own “conservative” stances before even being challenged on them.

    I was all for the wall, that’s gone. I was for deportations, those “are nogotiable” according to Trump. I was for banning Muslims, he has had a minimum of three stances on this issue. What is left for me to vote for? He’s not Hillary?

    Sorry. We have decades of Trump’s life to look at to see which way he’ll go….left and far left. Trump and Hillary are two sides of the same coin, there is little light between them and even that light is growing dim. Trump will wear the face of conservatism if elected and it will be damaged beyond repair if he is elected. It won’t matter how many times we try to prove Trump wasn’t truly conservative, the mold will be set.

    I will either write in or vote third party if the choices are Trump v Hillary, I cannot in good conscience vote for either, especially because both have proven their word is meaningless, neither has a moral compass and neither has any integrity whatsoever. What’s worse is Trump has proven to be ultimately mailable.

    Two of the most disgusting, self absorbed, immoral people have been chosen to be president, neither is worthy of the Oval Office.

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  7. LG

    The choice of a crap sandwich at one place, or chipped crap on toast at another would still be an unacceptable choice, given both contain the central ingredient of crap. Far better to go to a third establishment that does not mix feces with it`s menu.

  8. James A. Bateman

    Do not ever sell short the tenacity of Texas delegates to the RNC in July. The nominee is not a foregone conclusion at this point. trump is NOT THE PERSON any Texan would like to see in our White House especially after eight years of the most inept anti-American ever to live there has shown the entire world.