Tila Tequila, Tyrese Gibson Hacked on Twitter or are these Real Suicide Threats?

Tila Tequila’s Twitter account was hacked on Monday and it was claimed that she and her dog were killed. Now, either her account was hacked again or she is claiming to kill herself if a certain miracle doesn’t happen tomorrow.  We would tend to lean towards hacking, but after a test question by actor Tyrese Gibson was confirmed by her response, the threat is either really being posted by her or by someone who knows a lot about her.

The other possibility is that both accounts have been hacked, in which case the hacker is using one celebrity account to make the other’s threat seem more credible.


She or the hacker posted this in the early morning hours on Wednesday:

“I’m going to kill myself LIVE on an internet broadcast so the world can watch it go down. Then you watch me die slowly since I wont call cops”

This and subsequent tweets have resulted in fans posting tweets such as this.

Gibson responded, assuming it was a joke, then posted this:

“If this is really you where did you see me last Tila?? Whoever you are you should be ashamed of yourself for doing this to Tila”

A few minutes later, he posted this:

“Ok.. I can’t say this is a joke anymore. She answered the question rt.. I’m gonna go to sleep.. This must be a bad dream”

Here is how she reportedly replied:

“This is really me hun…I saw you last at Robin Thick’s bday party..”

Regardless of what comes of this (and for once we hope it is just a double-hack) it brings into question the voyeuristic nature of social networking sites such as Twitter. If it’s real, is the medium becoming too public? Is lifestreaming (and in this case, deathstreaming) too personal, too open?

If it is a hacker, are celebrities leaving themselves too vulnerable to such attacks?  They will naturally be targets. Should Twitter and other social networks establish more stringent security protocols for celebrities?

Either way, this is not a good day for Twitter.

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  1. I don’t see how this is a bad day for Twitter. Things like this happen all the time on MySpace, Facebook, and myYearbook. The one thing that I don’t get is how fans can be so caught up in Tia that they would end their own lives if she died. That’s ridiculous, sad, and scary all at once. If I had to look to Tia Tequila as a roll-model for my life, I might be the one considering deep-throating a gun barrel.

  2. JD Rucker

    @kjlintner – Twitter is in a tremendous state of growth and is buzzing across the spectrum. Any negative press given it is detrimental, whether it’s celebrities playing suicidal chicken or hackers exploiting the system. Twitter is touching nerves in ways that Facebook and MySpace have not by becoming an essential in the mainstream, particularly media.

  3. Mar-Lyn Flowers

    Whatever the site, their will always be somebody out there w/ more time then sense to try and mess things up for everyone else, you can’t blame Twitter, myspace, facebook, etc. I don’t know if she was hacked, if not someone needs to go check on this gal and get her some help. But you can’t blame the site, just the person, whomever it may be in this case.

  4. It does seem from the response that it really could be Tila. We can all sit back and judge whether its a genuine cry for help or a hackers prank. But lets do this once we get to the bottom of it. ….

  5. Churchldy

    Man… don’t mess up Twitter, just cuz “their” whomever… is messed up !!! I just startin’ lovin’ it !

  6. Cmon people. This is what publicists get paid to do – “generate publicity”. Just look at the buzz they created yesterday for @aplusk… http://tinyurl.com/d3bzog

    Masterfully done!

  7. I read all those tweets a girl says that all this is just fake but… why can anybody call her?? That’s really simple anyways if this isn’t fake even its obviously hope she’s fine.

  8. I really don’t see this as a problem with Twitter or social media in general. Stuff like this is going to happen with any and every social network. It isn’t the network that’s at fault, it’s the stupid people that sign up for it.

    On a darker, unrelated note, am I the only one that kinda wishes this ISN’T a hacker?

  9. Amy

    I don’t think EVERY step celebrities do is created by publicits.
    I’m following aplusk for months and I can say the whole thing was developing very naturally. No third person is involved there.
    You can tell when you are manipulated, and that’s the reason he is so popular in social media at this moment.

  10. If someone who knows her asked her a question that she answered correctly … why the hell didn’t that person call the cops? He obviously knows her well enough to know what town she lives in. This should have ended as quickly as it began. The cops should have been called to check on her, and Twitter should have shut down her account until the facts are out. Yes, this does make Twitter look bad. They have some power and control here that they aren’t using.

  11. If this is really Tila Tequila going to end her life , it will be really sad , because they’re actually is alot of teenagers that look up to her . I’ve been making a big deal over it . Honestly I love Tila Tequila . I’ve gotten comments that she’s talentless and should die . It’s retarded . My personal opinion is that I love her to death , and I think she should continue living life , IF this is her indeed .

  12. emma

    i think it’s a good thing for celebrities that Twitter exists- 1. the stalkers can get their fix by hacking into their account rather than posting letters or standing outside their house. 2. the rest of the world gets an insight into what celebrities have to go through, and we better appreciate the tough times the celebrity is enduring. and 3. well it is good publicity.

    i hope it was a hack because that’s really awful to do to your fans, she was getting heaps of tweets from distressed girls! and i guess if you were a stalker you would know where she’d been, ie. Robin Thicke’s bday party (which she mispelt).
    Also i’m hoping Tyrese was hacked too, cos man, you gotta do something more than have a nap and pray- ring the damn girl!!

  13. Ash

    What I don’t get is… why hasn’t she cleared this up? It took her 2 hours to get the word out Monday and confirm it was not her sending the messages. Today, 24 hours and haven’t heard a word from her. Also, if you check her myspace page, it says something about “I have multiple personalities. One is Jane and she always wants to kill me” and other odd stuff. It also says on there she is bipolar. So either someone was successfully able to hack her Twitter, Myspace, cellphone, AND Tyrese’s twitter – I don’t think so. I think she had some kind of breakdown or something and now they are keeping it quiet. Why else would they not just say it was fake?
    That girl on twitter telling everyone she is related to Ellen Degeneres and she knows for a fact it’s fake is full of sh**. She said “her house got broke into and she was just mad” – obviously confusing the incident from Monday with today.

  14. wow tila realmente eres una de las mujeres mas bellas y hermosas te qyiero kis

  15. Tila Tequila was following us guess we better remove her now

  16. She does know how to get her face out there

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