Ted Cruz: The Last Conservative. The Only Man Who can Save the Republic.

Ted Cruz Save the Republic

The United States is in the most precarious position it has been in since the Vietnam War. We witnessed the degradation from the inside being perpetrated by the forces of the left that could have destroyed the Republic if Ronald Reagan had not been elected in 1980. Today, we’re seeing a different type of degradation that is being initiated from the top rather than the grassroots. Today, we need another man like Reagan, a conservative who is willing to stand up to the corruption that has befallen the nation at every level.

That man is Ted Cruz.

While Donald Trump espouses anti-establishment and anti-corruption narratives, he has been and always will be the embodiment of the establishment and the tip of the corruption spear. I won’t even attempt to persuade Trump’s avid followers of this very clear fact; their blindness has become absolute to the point that many are abandoning the conservatism that the country needs in favor of the populism that Trump is selling. He has abandoned the false pretense that he’s a conservative because he knows he’s swayed enough to follow him regardless of his policies, fallacies, and lies. He said it best when he noted that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a voter. Their curiosity has drawn them into idolatry. Their man can do no wrong even if everything he proposes outside of his wall represents the left-leaning mindset of moderate populism. He has built a new variation of Democrats by converting many conservatives into sheep.

To see how this transformation happened, examine the psychological mastery he has imposed over his supporters. From the outside, it’s an interesting case study in mentalist manipulation. For those who have fallen into the trap, it’s like a drug addiction. They see but they can no longer comprehend reality. Trump has become what they want him to represent for them even if his actual words and actions say otherwise.

The reason all of this is important is because there is no longer a path to recovery for Trump’s supporters. Therefore, they must be ignored, at least by those who are willing to explore real change. This article is not for them. Trump lies about Cruz being a liar, so they’re going to repeat those lies regardless of what the facts state. For example, Trump has claimed at least twice in the last week that he never said John McCain was a loser or that he prefers his “heroes” to not be captured. Regardless of indisputable video evidence that he absolutely said those things, he claims that he never said them so in the minds of his supporters it’s true.

For Trump to be stopped, there are two possible paths. The first is to support Ted Cruz. With the primary schedule the way it sits, there’s no other candidate who has a remote chance of beating Trump to the nomination through delegates. Republicans who prefer Cruz over Trump but who support another candidate more must abandon their hopes that their candidate can win the nomination. From South Carolina to the “SEC Primary” on March 1, there will be a total of 15 primaries and caucuses that only Trump or Cruz can win. Those who believe that Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John Kasich, or Ben Carson can win the nomination need to realize that it is essentially impossible for anyone other than Trump or Cruz to make it into the Republican National Convention with enough delegates to claim victory.

If this is known by the Republican elites and the mainstream media (which it is), why hasn’t anyone really discussed it? The reason is that their last ditch effort, their unfathomable series of events to retain sanity and get a mainstream candidate into the nomination, all circles around the nuclear option: a brokered convention. It’s not getting very much media coverage yet because they need to suspend disbelief in order to make it happen, but we’re finally starting to see at least a little discussion about it in larger publications.

This means that there are three scenarios and two of them are disastrous:

  1. Trump wins the nomination and either destroys the Republic as he’s done with dozens of other ventures outside of real estate and entertainment or he loses to the Democrats who destroy the Republic by doubling down on the damage that President Obama has already inflicted.
  2. Cruz wins the nomination and puts the first conservative in the White House since Ronald Reagan.
  3. Rubio gets bumped into the nomination through a brokered convention that splinters the party and allows the Democrats to retain the White House.

When reading the title of the article, one probably assumed that this was going to be a fluff piece about Cruz. At this point, fluff is reserved for the talking heads of the media. We’re dealing with a very difficult choice here and it lays out like this:

You don’t have to be a Ted Cruz supporter. You don’t even have to like him. However, voting for any other candidate is a vote for the catastrophic collapse of the Republic and an exponential expansion of everything that President Obama has established as the seeds of our downfall.

The Republican Establishment wants Rubio to steal the nomination through a brokered convention. Trump’s supporters are unwavering sheep. The only common sense path is for voters to support Cruz, whether enthusiastically or reluctantly. Otherwise, we truly are lost.

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  1. Kauf Buch

    If Cruz is “the last” conservative…THEN GOOD RIDDANCE!
    Enough of the so-called true, principled conservatives who sell America down the river.
    [insert your own snark about Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, Cochran, etc etc HERE]

    As far as Cruz is concerned, his ensuring passage of the Trans Pacific Trade Deal (TPP)* is MUCH WORSE than just “a politician/lawyer who steps along the narrowest line of technical correctness, so he can say it’s not a lie,” because Cruz is destroying the entirety of the country as a sovereign nation…dragging everyone in it under a “global” thumb.

    The TPP is “the other side of the coin of the immigration issue”…except that the Trans Pacific Trade Deal does it all in one big swoop all at once, as opposed to the immigration “invasion” doing it over generations. If you care about one, you MUST also look carefully at the other.

    And, as far as Cruz saying how horrible TPP is (yes, he’s “shocked! SHOCKED!” I’m sure…): IT’S JUST LIKE his Holy Roller Revival Tent Preacher act after winning Iowa due to his dirty tricks… playing both sides. It’s like the WOLF saying “yeah…sure is a shame what happened to those poor little SHEEP, ain’t it?”

    The thing that turns me off about Cruz in general (using non wonk terminology) is his very slick ability – one which he has used repeatedly – to “speechify”…to justify/rationalize some of his own questionable stands with lots and lots of technical or religious blather (whichever is appropriate on each issue), whether before or after the fact. When I see THAT characteristic in a politician, I see big “red flags.”

    * May 2015 – Cruz creates a “Fast Track” Trans Pacific trade rider to attach to TPA, which changes the vote threshold for approval/disapproval to a simple majority – thereby ensuring its passage. Cruz also votes down an Amendment requiring congressional notification prior to China/Russia joining deal.

    June/July 2015 – Cruz votes against his own TPA bill, though the rider created ensures its passage.

  2. Stu Miller

    Right idea but wrong reasons…Cruz is universally disliked by his colleagues and NO is not a Presidential agenda…That’s why Republicans need to coalesce around Marco Rubio…

  3. Stu Miller

    If Cruz, Bush, and Kasich do the right think and drop out…Rubio gets the nomination in a cakewalk…

  4. JD Rucker

    I like Rubio. He’s my second choice. However, it’s in the fact that Cruz’s moderate, campaign-promise-breaking cohorts see him as a threat that he’s the right person for the role of President. Rubio’s biggest fault is that he bends so easily to the whims of the Establishment. He ran on Tea Party conservative principles and abandoned them at the first sign of political expediency. They love that in DC. They hate principled conservatives. If Rubio had a realistic chance, I wouldn’t denounce him so harshly, but he’s already making another deal with the powers that be… not good for the party and definitely not good for America.

  5. Pabkr

    And we assumed right, this is a fluff piece for Cruz!

  6. fredo o'derf

    I’m listening to Cruz claim to want to unify his party and given that he may be most responsible for the damage done to it by the Christian Right (Chris) and Tea Party (Tea) factions, referred to as ChrisTea henceforth, it makes me want to puke.

    If there was ever a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s Ted Cruz. The fact that he can enter the political scene as a consummate insider and then morph into the heroic outsider reflects at least the short memory of voters.

    Sadly, he has been effective in executing a strategy supported by the ChrisTea, featuring derisiveness, alienation and stonewalling that has allowed Cruz and the ChrisTea to earn the dubious distinction of being responsible for the legislative gridlock that has been a characteristic of their congress, which can claim to have produced the smallest amount of legislation of any congress in the last 65 years.

    This is nothing to be proud of and certainly doesn’t make him the great unifier.

    Finally, I am continually amazed that this party doesn’t take heart in the sage advice of one of its best, Senator Barry M. Goldwater
    “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

    Cruz is so wrong on so many levels than in order to have risen so high I can’t help but wonder if he’s the anti-Christ.

    Starting with Cruz, let’s separate church and state.