Technology, Social Media, and Their Affect on Long-Distance Relationships

Social Media Relationships

Social media often gets blamed for bad things that happen in relationships. We now have the opportunity to find old girlfriends and boyfriends on Facebook, make new relationships on, and see things even have random encounters on, well, sites that we wouldn’t link to from Soshable. There’s another side to the story – social media and advancing technologies can be used to keep relationships going, particularly long-distance ones.

Mobile technology is obviously one way this is possible. We are connected almost everywhere we go if we have a smartphone, tablet, or even “old school” cell phones. Even when we’re on the road or in a plane, internet connections are often available and cell coverage is spreading the farthest corners of the earth.

There’s a scene in Transformers 2 where the two protagonists are separated by distance but attempt to maintain their relationship by having a “date night” on video. The movie may not have been worth watching, but this scene is one that is becoming a much more common occurrence in the real world. Video chatting and multimedia communications are making it to where couples don’t have be together to have face-to-face interactions.

The infographic below by our friends at Rounds shows the evolution of the long-distance relationship and points to our current situation as one where having face time (even on Apple Facetime) is easier today than ever before. Click to enlarge.

Long Distance Social Media Relationships

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  1. Allison

    Great infographic. Social media technology has been evolving so much that it’s hard to keep track of all the different ways to keep in touch. Facebook alone now has chat and video chat in addition to being able to post text, pictures, and video to your significant other’s wall. The only issue with that is that some of the things that are so great about a relationship are lost in the translation. If I text or write a joke on my boyfriend’s wall, he’s not getting the full experience. I can call and leave it in a voicemail, but there’s no way for him to share that with others. I recently found an interesting app, Voice for Facebook, that allows you to post an audio recording to Facebook. It has a Twitter counterpart, so followers can hear my sarcasm. Voice-enabling social networks is becoming the new wave in social media, and I personally love the ability to share my voice with my boyfriend and all our friends easily and for free, AND I don’t have to record a video to do it (meaning I don’t have to put on makeup or brush my hair). I think people underestimate the power of just hearing someone’s voice, back in the “old days” of talking on the phone. Thanks for the article, very cute!