What Social Media Accounts do You Need for Business and Why?

Social Media Business

The Internet is constantly changing. Just looking at the modifications made in the last few years between Google, Facebook, Pinterest and the mobile industry makes predicting how the next 12 months will look like pretty challenging. The beginning of social media completely transformed the way the internet looks today and this state of constant change forces businesses to adapt their approaches when interacting with customers. Staying relevant in this digital era requires you to adopt online marketing strategies that will connect the experience of your customers with the corresponding technologies that enable you to deliver the right content at the right time.

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2nd Annual NBA Social Media Awards Ceremony to be Held June 12 on NBA TV

Chris Webber

On Wednesday June 12, Chris Webber will be hosting the 2nd Annual NBA Social Media Awards, which will be televised live on NBA TV at 8 P.M. Players and celebrities will be making appearances at the awards show as well.  The awards will recognize players, teams, and fans for their engagement on social media during the 2012-2013 regular season.

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Social Media – The Ultimate Experience in Customer Service

Customer Service Social Media

What do your “Likes” mean to you? When we “like” our favorite product on Facebook, we’re not simply telling everyone in digital land what our interests include. No: what we expect from those “Likes” is the interpersonal relationships we experience every day with comments, shares, pokes, and whatsits. “Liking” a brand on Facebook means a lot more to us when companies are willing to reciprocate.

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10 Social Media Tips for Local Businesses


Social media activity has essential benefits for local businesses that include strengthening your brand and raising your SEO ranking. In many instances, it may be hard to link social media involvement to immediate sales, but growing your online presence will certainly make more people know about your business. They are bound to come your way as soon as the need for your service or product arises.

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Does Your Social Media Accurately Represent You?


Social media can be considered a reflection of the individual who created the account.  The information and images shared all speak about the person from their point of view.  However, what would it be like if somebody else was responsible for setting up or managing your social media?  Consider this… the image an individual has of themselves might be very different from the way they are perceived by others.  Accordingly, the way an individual is presented through social media may give off a much different impression than the one that is self constructed.

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Why Internet Explorer Has This 90s Kid Screaming Hip Hop Hooray


Nowadays the web browser known as Internet Explorer (IE) is mostly known to be used by businesses. Admittedly I haven’t been its biggest supporter, I haven’t used Topps cards or played skip it in a long time either. But Internet Explorer has definitely persuaded me to give it another look by simply time traveling me back to my childhood.

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Why 42% of People Clicking on the First Search Listing is a Bogus Statistic

Top Listing in Google

The statistic or something similar to it has dominated the sales pitches and marketing materials of search engine optimization companies for a very long time. I just saw a mention of it in an article from 2005 and it’s been reiterated again and again ever since. Nearly every study seems to come to the same conclusion. Nearly every study is wrong, at least from a business perspective.

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YouTube to Shut Down for a Decade to Find #BestVideo


Dear YouTube video uploaders. It’s your last chance to get your entries into YouTube. At midnight on April 1st, 2013, YouTube will be shutting down for a decade to begin the process of finding the best video ever uploaded to the site.

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