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Is Your Firm’s Social Media Strategy Effective?

Does your company have a social media presence? If your answer is no, stop reading this and read this article to understand why it’s important and how to begin building a social media profile. If you do have a presence, how well does your social

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Five Great Places to Promote Your Music Online

The Internet has become the world’s kiosk. For almost 15 years, active listeners have turned to the Internet to find new music. So when a person recommends one of your songs to a friend, he or she can go to a handful of sites with

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Fantasy Lakes and Mountains Holidays [infographic]

Since the notorious ‘Red Wedding’ episode of Game of Thrones, social media has been awash with chatter about the HBO’s swords and sorcery series. Those who were not up to date as new episodes were aired had a hard time avoiding spoilers on Facebook and