The Social Network Yearbook: 50+ Years and Still Going

Social Network Yearbook

When most think of social networks, they think Facebook. They look back to the source being MySpace or one of the other “old school” networks from just a few years ago. They rarely think of going back 50 years to see the real start of social networking, but that’s when it all began.

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The Social Media Yearbook, 2011 Edition

Twitter is the Gossip Girl. Facebook is the Jock. Where do your favorite social media sites fit in?

The 2011 edition of the Social Media High School Yearbook is out. They say you can tell where someone is going to end up based upon their activities and characteristics during their senior year in high school. If this is true, MySpace is dead, Digg is trying to work its way back to relevance, and Reddit will rule the world.

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