Video Marketing: Going Viral with Your Company

Man Watching Video

We’ve done it, just like most of our friends have done it to us. We’ve come across a viral video that either made us laugh out loud, cry like a baby or think about something we’d never really considered before; and we’ve passed it on – usually with a comment like “lmao” or “This is going to make you cry.” And some of them are just so simple: a little kid getting his finger bitten by his younger brother or a three second symphonic clip introducing a wide-eyed gerbil. These videos are getting millions and millions of views and it seems like almost no effort went into the production. Why can’t you do that and use it to promote your company at the same time?

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From Nobody to Internet Phenom: Tips (wsj)

There are trillions of videos posted on YouTube and other social video websites every day. While that’s a gross overestimation, it doesn’t feel like it is to those who get catapulted into the public eye because of something they did and posted on these video websites.

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