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The Rise of “Fake” Viral Videos

Every marketing department or digital marketing agency dreams of hitting it big with a viral video that is not only popular, but also benefits their brand in some way. There’s nothing wrong with a branded viral video. Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: “Uncle Drew”

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Video Marketing: Going Viral with Your Company

We’ve done it, just like most of our friends have done it to us. We’ve come across a viral video that either made us laugh out loud, cry like a baby or think about something we’d never really considered before; and we’ve passed it on


iRobot, You Robot, We All Robot

iRobot wants to see you “robot”. The creators of the room cleaning Roomba have developed a sweet new contest. Check out this video with pop and lock sensation Marquese Scott, who’s been featured in Forbes magazine and on The Ellen Degeneres Show: Armed with the

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3 Things Through Which To Judge SEO Providers

This particular video covers the automotive industry but it can be applied to anyone. Search engine optimization is so shrouded in mystery sometimes that sifting through what’s real and what’s “smoke and mirrors” sold by “snake oil salesmen” can be a challenge. The pitches have

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The ROI of Social Media

Return on investment. It’s the compilation of metrics that are used to determine whether an activity or expenditure is worthwhile for a business. Over the last 4 years, social media has been at the center of ROI debates between marketers, company executives, and gurus across

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8 Years of Facebook Has Our Heads Spinning

Facebook celebrated its 8th birthday this month. How much has it changed? How much has it changed us? Are we all a little more batty now that Facebook has become a prominent part of so many of our lives, giving us insights into friends and