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Google Now Showing Tweets

This has been a long time coming. We knew it was on the horizon and now it’s finally here. Tweets are now appearing in Google search result again after being missing for a few years. When it was announced in February, we went to work

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The Life of a Tweet

Tweets have rapidly become a mainstay in most forms of entertainment. From sports broadcasts showing athletes’ tweets to news channels like CNN implementing live tweets from viewers, Twitter has been infused into society to the point where even technological illiterates know what it is. The

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6 Offline Tactics to Get More Twitter Followers

By now, you probably already realize the vast marketing potential that exists within the Twitter landscape. With 231.7 million active users and 100 million people logging in every single day, there’s a huge attentive audience on Twitter that’s ripe for the marketing picking. And with

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Twitter’s “Block” Might Not Work

The idea of a “block” function is easy enough to understand and it is one that every Long Island social media agency can detail. Once you block someone – not only on social media but instant messaging, for example – that person can no longer