Is College Still Worth It? [Infographic]

Did you know that 94% of parents expect their children to go to college while only 75% of Americans actually believe that tuition is unaffordable? The rates of tuition in the past twenty five years has aspired four times faster than the general inflation rates. Between the ages of 18 to 34, 48% of Americans said they did not attend college because it was too expensive for their budget.

While college is a very expensive investment, the median annual earnings over a career (until the age of 65), those with a high school diploma or equivalent make $32,600 a year. However, those with a bachelor’s degree or higher make an average of $56,700 a year. With the dramatic increase of funds being made per year, college can eventually pay for itself.

To go to college or not? A large percentage (86% to be exact) of college graduates claimed that college has been a good investment. Therefore, when choosing a career path in life, weigh your options of college and the potential positive life change that can accompany it.

Is College Still Worth It – An infographic by

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