5 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

SEO Pillars

Given that 93 percent of Internet traffic starts at a search engine, ranking high by using SEO techniques is important for your website. Consider these tips to help improve your search engine ranking.

Create Inbound Links

When someone links to your website, it shows the search engines that your website is authoritative. The more links there are across the web pointing to your site, the higher you’ll rank. But you don’t have to rely on other content creators to set up the links. Use these strategies to create links to your website:

  • Guest post on top blogs. Most bloggers allow you to include links to your website in your content or in the author bio when you guest blog on their site.
  • Comment on blogs. Blogs that feature the plugin CommentLuv are a great place to start earning links since you can automatically include a link to your most recent content.
  • Organize a link exchange. If you have a blog on your site or frequently update content, connect with other people in your business and offer to link to their website if they link to yours.
  • Create quality content. If you wow your readers with your content, people will start linking to your site on their own.

Use Keyword Phrases

While search engines have moved toward displaying quality content instead of worrying about high keyword density, using keywords is still important to ensure that your content shows up in front of the proper audience. Choose keywords that relate to your niche, are commonly searched, and are valuable to your content. Place these keywords in your posts, in page titles, in photo descriptions, and throughout other areas of the site where appropriate.

Hire a Third Party

If you don’t understand SEO or don’t have the time for it, consider hiring a third-party. Experienced professionals keep up with the latest changes and techniques to help you rank higher and bring in more visitors to your site. While it may seem like a hefty cost at first depending on your budget and your goals, having an experienced individual organize your site for search engines can end up paying off by helping you sell more products and reach more people. For more information on hiring a third-party and how much to spend, check out these useful tips.

Utilize Social Media

Social media can do several things for your SEO. For one, it’s a great place to share links and build authority in your niche. It also gets people talking about your product and your content throughout the Internet to help you build your authority. When used properly, search engines are going to begin realizing that you’re an authority figure in your field and decide that your content is worth ranking higher.

One example of a company that utilizes social media techniques properly is GearyLSF, a company that engages their audience, shares useful links and media, and knows how to maximize customer visibility. To get the most out of social media and improve your search engine rankings, follow their example while adding a personal touch to your profiles.

Create Quality Content

You’ve heard before that “content is king.” While there are many other aspects to SEO, search engines realize how important quality content is to their users. Therefore, the higher quality content you produce and the more that people get out of it, share it, and engage with you, the higher you’ll rank and the more visitors you’ll attract.

But it’s not just that. When you write for the individual first and then the search engines, people will stay on your site longer when they find worth in your content. Since search engines interpret this longer visit as higher quality content than if the visitor left after five seconds, it can have a huge impact on your ranking.

Use these additional tips to keep people on your site longer:

  • Keep your content interesting and engaging.
  • Produce useful advice, quality entertainment, and unique content.
  • Show your credibility and authority in your about section.

If you’re still confused about SEO or need more tips, check out the results from Moz’s 2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors survey.

Have you utilized any of these techniques? Did they impact your search engine rank?

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The 30 Minute Social Media Management Schedule

30 Minutes

In an ideal world, you’re the social media and content manager for your company. You spend eight hours a day harnessing the power of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ while developing content for your blog and YouTube channels. It’s tough, but you’re making it happen.

In the real world, you’re probably responsible for a ton of different things and social media was tossed onto your pile of work. How can you cope? Is it possible to have a strong social media presence without devoting a ton of time to it? Yes and no. Yes, you can have a pretty decent one, but 30-minutes as detailed below is the bare minimum to be considered truly active. I’ve seen people do it in about 2 hours a day and have a super strong presence.

For those of you who are having to hold it together until help (or more time) arrives, here’s a great infographic that can work as a daily checklist of activities that you need to accomplish to maintain the minimum level of social media power, courtesy of Pardot.

30 Minute Social Media Infographic

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6 Basic Mistakes that will bring your Internet Marketing Campaign Crumbling like a House of Cards

House of Cards

Internet marketing has been the song that many e-commerce establishments have been singing and quite rightly so the concept has proved to be one of the most effective business promotion tools of the 21st century. I personally am a very big fun of simplicity and more often than not the main secret for success is simply based on getting the small things right.

For many businesses that are leveraging on the use of the internet to expand their markets setting in place an efficient and goal oriented internet marketing strategy is a primary necessity. However for the last five years simple and basic mistakes have deterred online based businesses from reaping off the maximum benefit of e-marketing. The following is a list of basic mistakes you should avoid in your internet marketing program.


Poor Financial Planning

Budgeting is a very important aspect in our day to day life. Am sure many of you will agree with me in this because if you don’t plan your budget well you are doomed to fail in anything you do. When it comes to internet marketing the story is not any different and that is why you need to be careful in your budgetary allocations so as to avoid underfunding and misappropriation.

Marketers should lay down a well planned budget showing distribution of funds for different tasks that need to be carried out. For sure funds allocated for different tasks will vary. For instance, if you want to create a website or to advertise in social media the financial allocation will be very different. Your success in internet marketing will depend on your mode of financial planning therefore plan well and on time.


An Impatient Attitude

Many of us lack the virtue of patience but patience is very crucial if you have to achieve your goals and objectives. If at all you need to succeed in e-marketing trust me, you need patience!! Internet marketing is just like a small baby who will go through various stages before they get to walk.

Any marketer should know that also in marketing you will not get results immediately, so you should not give up and wait for the end results because when you start eating the fruits of your labour you will surely enjoy. You should be ready to invest time and money without giving up because if you do you are just like a withered tree.


Limiting Your Potential

Internet marketing for sure has a lot of potential and it can help you market a diversity of businesses. Many people underestimate the potential of internet marketing thus not putting a lot of hard work and effort in it. I assure you that if you can put all your efforts this can be the best channel for you to succeed in your business therefore exploit its potential.


Poor Leads Follow Up

The most important priority for internet marketing is to generate business leads. Following up leads can help in closing down important sales and customer acquisition. Lead follow up involves simple techniques such as responding to customer queries and concerns as well as offering additional information to potential customers.


Being Over Ambitious

Sometime being over ambitious can lead as to do wrong things even lying. Some business owners may not be able to get good leads and may even decide to give empty promises to their customers which they cannot be able to fulfill forgetting that everything hidden in the dark will come to light. Client will end up discovering this lies thus sales will reduce at a great deal. The marketers therefore need to develop marketing strategies that will attract potential customers and within their abilities.


Forgetting your On-Page SEO

Another mistake that online based business owners do is forgetting their on-page SEO. Developing well optimized and high quality content is a fundamental game changer that may as well have the  final say if your e-marketing strategy will work or not. The good thing is coming with entertaining and informative content is not hard and anyone can do it. If you can avoid these four basic mistakes, there is no doubt you will be among the few who are now using e-marketing as their mainstream product and service promotion tool.

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4 Ways to Get More out of Promoting Your Promotions Online


There is no true secret sauce to gaining exposure online when it comes to your brand’s promotions; you simply need to strategize where you need to place your efforts online. Ideally you would be looking to promote to the masses and aid in getting the word out in a timely fashion.

Finding sites online are easy, however knowing which ones that will actually be effective and use your time efficiently is the hard part. Social Media offers businesses and brands the ability to amplify their current promotions amongst a wide range of people; however, knowing how to use social networks, tools and websites that will help ease your job of promoting your promotions can help you get more buzz than ever before.


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Where Social Media and Customer Relationship Collide

Social CRM

In any business venture, implementing a solid customer relationship management (CRM) strategy is paramount to success. However, to get it right requires effort.

Any burgeoning business cannot overlook social media as a means of conversing with its clientele. Gone are the days when specific departments dealt with customers through company-defined channels during set business hours. Now, social media allows the customer to tell you how and when they want to talk – it is up to you to be there to listen.

In order to get ahead, you need to understand how it has evolved.

There is no need to pale at the face of a mountainous social media campaign. There are plenty of resources available to help you update your CRM process. To make your life just a little bit easier here’s a summary of how to build social media into your CRM efforts.

1. Choosing the right community

The social customer expects brands to have a presence on the sites that they use. Be it Twitter or Facebook (but don’t forget there are others), research where your customers are hanging out. Remember, you don’t need to sign up for all of the social media accounts, only the ones that you find your customers are participating in after careful research. Remember, setting up accounts on these sites is easy – it’s making the most out of them that’s the hard part (see point three). Thus, you do not want to be on a ton of different sites that are difficult to maintain and see ROI results from. Remember; once you are in the social space, there is no getting out without risking a tarnished brand and user experience.

2. Building a strategy

Planning is everything. When you use social media to manage your customer relationships, it is important to maintain a consistent and cohesive appropriate ‘voice’ (using a dedicated, well trained social media team is a good idea). Once you have this in place you can really go wild. Social media isn’t just about getting feedback – by providing your customers with incentives, entertainment and relevant content you are cementing your business in their online experience.

3. Leverage the strategy

Social media allows you to unite marketing and CRM. Your customers are offering up information that years ago would have taken an age to collect (such as their preferences, tastes, and demographics), so use it. There are plenty of CRM systems available that allow you to aggregate this data and analyze it. Once you have this information you will be able to create highly targeted and integrated CRM strategies that will lead to all important conversions.

4. Avoiding pitfalls

Remember, while social media communication is oftentimes the business speaking to the customer, it can also be customer-to-customer and customer-to-prospect. One bad customer experience can spread like wildfire. Make sure you are equipped to deal with a significant increase in customer interaction. The social customer expects businesses to listen, engage and respond quickly, so you need to be ready to do so. If things do start to go wrong then make sure you can practice a little damage control to protect your reputation.

5. Measuring results

Not all of your social media efforts are going to be successful, so once you’re up running you need to track what it is you’re doing that is actually working. Monitoring metrics like traffic, conversations and followers is a great starting point, and will make it a lot easier for you to see which tactics are working and which are just putting a drain on your resources and offering little ROI.

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In the Meantime: What Businesses should do In-Between Sales

Something to Post

Not every business can sell to the same customer daily, many must wait months or years before they can connect with a returning customer. This is especially common in amongst the Automotive Industry and in the age of a customer service evolution, it is more important now than ever before to maintain a relationship with customers in order for them to become loyal and return to your business.


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