Facebook’s 20 Percent Text Rule is Getting Harder to Avoid

20 Percent Text Rule

Facebook has been trying to crack down on text within images for some time. They made a big deal out of it when they first rolled out Timeline but it was still possible to get by without getting noticed. Today, it’s a lot harder.

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How Facebook Timeline Can Help You Tell a Better Brand Story

In late April 2012, brand pages on Facebook were migrated to the new Timeline layout, making most social media plans for the year redundant. Authority social media websites like Mashable, Read Write Web, and many others ran a series of posts on making the best of the Timeline layout.

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Effect of Facebook Timeline on Brand Pages

Facebook Timeline

There is a huge effect of Facebook Timeline on brand pages as it opens a number of opportunities for those business entities who wants to market and build their brand online through the best social networking site. A successful fan page is one that allows the business to reach potential clients, connect with honest customers, and build an image of loyalty in their market of existence.

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How to Increase Engagement of Facebook Pages Using Timeline

Facebook Timeline JD

Facebook has now upgraded all pages to the Timeline design. The Timeline is a powerful tool for showcasing your brand. For example you can add a Timeline cover that will really reflect the identity of your brand.

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Facebook Timelines for Business: The Tutorial (by @brandgraphics)

Facebook Timeline for Business

Under most circumstances, I prefer to dive into changes in major social media sites and come to my own conclusions. It’s important that I try out the various “new hotness” candidates to see for myself if it’s something that I should explore further and recommend to others.

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