Are You Ready for the New Instagram Terms of Service?

Are You Ready for the New Instagram Terms of Service

As every Instagrammer out there is aware of the debacle that wreaked havoc over users late last year when Instagram announced changes to their Terms of Service and its wording implied that Instagram was going to use our images to make money without giving us self-taught photographers compensation. Since then, Instagram has reneged on their decision to release a newer Terms of Service and instead as of tomorrow January 19 2013 their advertising section within the updated Terms of Service will revert back to the original agreement that was created the day Instagram launched in October of 2010.

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Think of Sponsored Posts Like Advertising on a Race Driver: Be Selective


As more businesses start to embrace the cost-effective method of social media promotions that Facebook Sponsored Stories offers, I’m seeing some mistakes pop up. As Louie Baur posted last week, you have to be careful what you advertise, as pushing the wrong content can do more harm than good.

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