Has Social Media Impacted “Sherlock?”


The work that is created by fans of a particular show can be a strong creative outlet. If the show, movie, or what have you is engaging enough, chances are that a select number of people will be driven enough to create works of their own based off of it. Everything from graphics to stories can be created but it seems like the latter became a subject worth talking about as of late. In particular, it is the collection of stories based off of the British TV series, “Sherlock.”

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Adapting to the Second Screen: Engaging with Mobile Devices through TV Ads

The Second Screen

In 2013, there will continue to be a growing number of people who have their smartphones and tablets handy while watching television. People are multitasking more often now than ever before while enjoying their television time. They are Tweeting, posting to Facebook, and visiting websites all from the comfort of their living room.

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Social Media is More Akin to Television than Search or Other Internet Marketing Forms

Watching Television

One of the biggest misunderstandings surrounding social media is that it’s a distant cousin of search engine marketing or that it’s goals are similar to other forms of internet marketing. This isn’t quite true. There are definitely tie-ins; social media can help improve search rankings, it is a valid follow-up component to email marketing, and it can be used as a direct lead generator for certain products and services. However, real success on social media often comes down to knowing the frame of mind of the people on it and realizing that the messaging style is much more akin to television advertising than any of the traditional online marketing formats.

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Live Streaming = Death of Television?

Ultra Music Festival

I love electronic music; whether it’s glossy house beats or skull-shattering dubstep, I can’t seem to go a day without it.  I recently decided to dedicate an entire weekend to live stream one of the largest electronic music concerts in the world, Ultra Music Festival (“UMF”).

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The Role of Social Networking Sites in Promotion of Internet TV

Social Networks TV

Social networks have brought about a revolution in the lives of everyone connected to them and they also have a big hand in the success of internet TV. It has brought people over the internet and connected them to the online TV world. Social networks have proved to be a medium from where people get to know more about internet TV and the vide variety of options that it offers.

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