Gaming: The Latest Key to Success for Gaming

If you were to ask the average person or even a social media expert to name profitable social networks, they would list some that truly are profitable such as Facebook and a bunch that have yet to achieve true profitability. One that would not get mentioned by many is

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Silicon Valley Perks, Visualized

Massages at Work

Some people love their jobs and for good reason.

In Silicon Valley, high-valued tech employees are offered luxuries that would make many believe they live like rock stars. In many cases, they do, or at least they’re treated like rock stars by their employees such as Google,, and Linkedin.

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Technology, Social Media, and Their Affect on Long-Distance Relationships

Social Media Relationships

Social media often gets blamed for bad things that happen in relationships. We now have the opportunity to find old girlfriends and boyfriends on Facebook, make new relationships on, and see things even have random encounters on, well, sites that we wouldn’t link to from Soshable. There’s another side to the story – social media and advancing technologies can be used to keep relationships going, particularly long-distance ones.

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