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Choices — @0boy #sundaymusing

#justsayin I hear too often about how companies will get businesses out there and exposed on dozens, even hundreds of social media sites. In reality, there are only a handful that need to be focused upon. Social networks on a personal basis are geared around

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It’s #SundayMusing on Monday: We Need Writers

I received a few emails asking why there was no #SundayMusing post yesterday. As columns go, it was intended to be a very light, easy-going weekly post that allowed me to express less-pressing thoughts about social media while hammering out the hard-hitting news and rants

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Why Social Media Got Huge: #SundayMusing

I was answering some questions for a journalism student in the UK about how social media has emerged as a major component of our day-to-day lives when a quote by a smarter man than me (yes, there are billions, but one in particular stood out)