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I hear too often about how companies will get businesses out there and exposed on dozens, even hundreds of social media sites. In reality, there are only a handful that need to be focused upon. Social networks on a personal basis are geared around preference, so I would not presume to tell Bob or Sally that they shouldn’t be on Bebo or Blinklist.

For business, the choices can be narrowed down greatly.

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In Social Media, You’re A Grain of Salt (and thus it should be taken with one) #sundaymusing

Big Deal

If it took you a minute to understand what the headline was supposed to mean, don’t worry. It took me longer to make sense of it myself.

Here is the quick moral to the story that we’re about to tell: no matter how important a social media site is to you, you’re never going to be important enough to it as an individual to make a difference. All too often we see people who are dedicated to one social media site or another and who feel like they have achieved some sort of power in regards to that site.

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Social Media Links: If It Gets Your Attention, Don’t Click. #sundaymusing

Buzzfeed Charlie Sheen

It happened. I got hooked. Despite all of the discipline that I put into making sure I don’t click on unfamiliar links on Twitter or Facebook, I ended up clicking on a headline that was so outrageous, so OMG, that my right index finger was pressing down before my mind could tell it, “NOOOOOOO!”

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Why Social Media Got Huge: #SundayMusing

Everything should be made as simple as possible but not simpler

I was answering some questions for a journalism student in the UK about how social media has emerged as a major component of our day-to-day lives when a quote by a smarter man than me (yes, there are billions, but one in particular stood out) came to mind. It got me thinking (scary, I know) about what really has happened over the past 4 or 5 years that took an obscure niche of the Internet and turned it so mainstream.

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