Building a Better Reddit, One SubReddit at a Time

RedditNew Feature Offers First Major Improvement to Reddit (possibly ever) and Not a Lot of People Cared (yet)

When Reddit posted information about new features on its blog, the buzz results were ho-hum.  The post itself was bland, starting off with the nonchalant statement, “We added a handful of new features last night.”  There was brief coverage at some quality sources, including Wired (which is owned by the same company as Reddit), ParisLemon, and MarketingPilgrim, and only a handful of blog posts, but for the most part, this short private beta has snuck in while Digg revolts, makes peace, and makes headlines.

Upon a close examination, this may be a huge leap forward that infuses more of a social aspect into Reddit.  For present and future users, it should be the toy that gets played with for a long, long time. (more…)

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