Will Pinterest Or Tumblr Provide A Better Marketing Strategy?

Pinterest and Tumblr

Most people now acknowledge that any marketing strategy should include a social media component. The problem is that working with social media requires a goodly amount of human effort and there are so many social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, FourSquare, Instagram, and on and on, to choose from.

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Add Your Pages to Stumbleupon

Wikimotive StumbleuponStumbleupon is one of the most interesting social media sites around, and by interesting, I mean it is a complete and total time-sink. Essentially, it’s a toolbar that has a “Stumble” button you can press that will bring you to a random page on the web based on your interests. You can also upvote and downvote pages, which is how Stumbleupon gets better at finding stuff that you’ll like. If something isn’t already ON Stumbleupon when you vote on it, you’ll be given the option to add it. This is what I’d like to talk about today, as it can be a great little social media addition for Business SEO.

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The Path to Posting the Perfect Pic (and possibly going viral)

Perfect Pic

For most people and most pictures, sharing it on Facebook or Twitter is enough. It may be a quick snapshot of you and your friends out on the town or a cool sunset from a mountaintop and sharing it with our friends and family is enough. Other times, we’re able to capture something amazing, stunning, hilarious, or otherwise important enough to want to expose it to the rest of the world.

With those, we want to go viral. Here’s a (relatively) quick way to maximize the exposure of your perfectly-timed, once-in-a-lifetime shot.

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After Diligent Testing, We Approve of StumbleUpon’s Explore Box

StumbleUpon Explore Box

It was an odd thing, really. A couple of weeks ago, StumbleUpon released a feature that we didn’t know they didn’t have. We didn’t really want it, but we tried it because, well, trying things on social media sites is what we do.

After thorough testing, we give 2 thumbs up to the StumbleUpon Explore Box.

When I say that we “didn’t know they didn’t have” it, I mean that one of the editors and I both thought there was a way to Stumble through different subjects that weren’t part of categories. Call me dumb, but I assumed that it was a feature that I simply never explored. You see, I enjoy StumbleUpon as a blind discovery tool. I have my interests set properly and after hundreds of thousands of pages Stumbled, the recommendation engine knows me well.

For two weeks, I’ve done very little Stumbling with anything other than the Explore Box.

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Facebook is Good, But StumbleUpon Rules through “Freshness”

StumbleUpon Overtakes Facebook

In social media, traffic is everything. While most use sites like Facebook and Twitter for socializing, there is a growing number of people who use them and other social sites for content and news discovery. StumbleUpon has been able to capitalize on this trend beautifully because of their affinity to bring us what we didn’t know we wanted to see.

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How Does Getting a Thumbs Down on StumbleUpon Negatively Effect Your Content?

StumbleUpon Thumb Down

When it come to generating traffic for a website or blog, StumbleUpon is one of the best tools you can lean on. However, not every link you share on the site is guaranteed to send visitors pouring your way. With the simple click of the conveniently accessible thumbs down button, your content could easily find itself buried and never to be seen.

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