How People Are Traveling in 2013


Traveling can be fun, but it tends to be more about the destination rather than the actual traveling, due to the chaos that ensues once arriving at the airport. Long line-ups, delays, and baggage issues can make going on a trip harder than it needs to be, but keeping focused on the actual arrival is what motivates most of us to tolerate this madness year after year.

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Shocking Facts about Retirement in America [Infographic]

Shocking Facts about Retirement in America

We have surprisingly decreased from the 50’s to today, with 16 U.S. workers having their social security paid for to now only 3.3 U.S workers. One would think that the future would have looked bright for pending retiree’s but unfortunately our economy and lifestyles prevent us from living the dream of retiring early or at all.

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The True ROI to Social Media (Video)


In this video, you will see many stats, some you may have seen before, some you may see again, and some may even be new to you. Regardless, Social Media is growing and it is growing in the numbers, the numbers of social networks, the numbers of reach and the numbers of people whom part-take on them.

Social Media is not limited, it is limitless and already seen that it has moved onto our websites, blogs, televisions, radios and other mediums we intermingle with. This Industry is not a moment, it is a movement and the true ROI to Social Media is that your business will still be valid in five years.

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The State of YouTube (Infographic)

For five years, YouTube has completely transformed the way we spend time on the Internet. It took a concept that today seems common but it truly revolutionized how we engage online.

At YouTube, you’re the star. Or the director. Or the producer. Or the graphics generate.

Or everything at once. It’s all about you. What you see, what you do, and what you envision – YouTube became the venue to express… whatever.

The Infographic below from our friends at Flowtown truly puts it all in perspective.

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